Navy veteran reflects on his vote for Trump.

An emotional Navy veteran comes to terms with his vote for Trump in 2016




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Oh, oh, imagine it’s going to be worse than we can imagine. :frowning:

As if the Navy doesn’t have enough PR problems…this guy comes along and has to cry like a bitch on YouTube. ?

Yeah, a crying man is unstable and scares the hell out of me. Emotion seems to be a leftist thing.

Emotional instability is definitely more common in leftists, but I doubt this guy is a leftist.

Crying is never a good look for a man; especially crying over something as lame as a voting choice. Squid needs to have some dignity.

The t rump would never be caught crying. And he is VERY ominous in his constant actions and inactions that bring on deaths, degradation, and corruption.

Better for us, if he would just cry about his inadequacies.

As if the Navy doesn’t have enough PR problems…
Uh, it is the t rump that has PR problems.