My new outlook on life

Makes sense you know


The moral of the story?

What, that nothing can make sense?
So make it up as you go?

Cartoon. A kid avoiding homework

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Calvin and Hobbes was great for those unexpected deep takes from a 7 year old.

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That’s my husband, except he’s in a Lazy Boy.

Lyrics transcribed by me.

I don’t care what they say on the TV

I don’t care what I read on my phone

I don’t care what I hear all around me

I just care that I think on my own

I don’t care about that man in New York city

Or the way that he wears his name in gold

And I don’t care about the cloud that surrounds ‘em

I just wish that he would leave on his own

I don’t care for the god that you believe in

I don’t care if you don’t believe at all

This old world is gonna have its hatred

So I’ll cheer for love to win it all

I don’t care for the years that come before me

I don’t care for the hours I have left

I just care that I’m still here breathin’

And livin’ this moment with you

Why so proud of not giving a damn about what happens?

And folks get offended if anyone calls their western philosophy self-absorbed and self-serving, I mean what else are those lyrics about, other than absolving oneself from being part of society.

It’s also self denial of the biological fact that Human Beings are social animals and such.

But then, animals will be animals.

It’s possible to be fully invested in the moment, yet have concern, and own a bit of responsibility for the future, but that requires a better recognition of who you really are, and that takes work, and heck work is no fun, so lets just party on till the lights go out.

You really need to chill. For you, it’s cuddling with the grandkids. For me, it’s sitting at a small stage in the middle of nowhere listening to a local band.

The line about not caring about beliefs or non belief caught my ear, followed by just being happy in the moment. If the moment is not happy, all the work you are doing is not worth it.

All things consider I’m plenty chill, it simply my blinders have been removed.

Oh and even here,

You reduce it all to such trivial pursuits.

A lot more going on here than simply cuddling grandkids.

That’s exactly my point. It would take pages to describe all that goes on at the little venues here. The connections. The care. It’s much more than drinks and tips and passing the hat.

That’s exactly my point.

What’s this have to do with


You asked me why I’m proud of not giving a damn. That is not the theme of this song. That’s taking a sweet song about relaxing and being with the one you love and turn it into a political statement. Totally un-chill.

The up equate infant and child care, with hanging out with your pals having a nice afternoon. Like so many others, your thinking process doesn’t make sense to my outlook and commitment to life and living.

so it is what it is and we are what we are, and since I feel supremely misunderstood via all sorts of misperceptions, I’ll continue speaking up.
And questioning, and watching folks run away from those challenges . . .

I keep going because I simply can’t image there aren’t some who do would resonate with, and appreciate some fresh thoughts to chew on.

Enough with the ancients, time to take modern Earth Sciences seriously and learn to understand and live with the implication, . . .

Here we clash with the Earth Centrist and the Abrahamic uber family of thought that is frankly, all about self-absorbed and self-serving, any reading of history makes the ‘thing’ clear.

It’s also an example of the product of “I think therefore I am” sorta kinda whatever model of human consciousness.

One composed of billions of people trapped within their own thoughts and conceptions convinced that’s all there is so why care.

I’m an Earth Centrist which took me into my mid sixties to achieve. It’s based on richer lode of experience and human interaction then you’d ever give me credit for.

… she’s waking, gotta run, the real world is calling :v:

It’s amazing that there are and have been, so many of us, and that unique combinations of DNA are still being made and nurtured in unique environments, and we get the amazing experience of attempting to express our uniqueness and hear the others. I heard a quote from David Foster Wallace’s, The Pale King today. “be unboreable”.

Quote by David Foster Wallace: “To be, in a word, unborable… It is the key t…” (

Since “sense of humor” doesn’t seem to be the topic, although it is the most literal interpretation of this thread, let’s try talking about our uniqueness. I don’t have grandchildren. I had a nice conversation with a 12-year old yesterday, but those are rare for me, and probably always will be. I made choices 30 years ago that I now live with. I’ve heard grandparenting is one of the best things you can experience. But, I can’t, so I have no idea how it compares to being in my loving and caring community for a couple of hours. But it’s what I got.

If you have a song that gives you that feeling that despite the craziness of the world, it’s going to be alright, that life will go on without us after we’re gone, and it will gone (edit: go on) for a few hours while we take a break from trying to fix the problems, from doing the work that builds the house, that supports the community. If you have that song, or poem, let’s hear it.

Another comparison; some soldiers go to war and come home and are mad because kids are playing video games and goofing off. Others do the same thing and can watch those kids and be happy that they did the thing that had to be done, so those kids could play video games and goof off and hopefully never have to go to war.

Allow your tears to flow, listening to this ascending masterpiece.

Joni Mitchell, 2023 winner of National Gershwin Prize for popular song.

Joni wrote the lyrics, composed the music, performed it in her inimitable style, painted the album cover.

She is a national treasure in he Arts

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We’re having two different conversations.

So I’ll toss in my non-sequitur