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French citizen, freshly retired, from public service. I have studied public law and political science.

My family is almost as American than French, many members being American citizens.

My centers of interest are history, political science, science fiction and heroic fantasy. Last, I have been a table top role player for more than 30 years.


a table top role player
What's that?

Thanks very much for you welcoming

Table top roleplaying games: The ancestor is Dungeons and Dragons.

More precisely :

A tabletop role-playing game or paper role-playing game, simply called role-playing or RPG by its practitioners, is a board game in which the participants together conceive a fiction by the interpretation of roles and by narration, within the framework of the constraints of the game that they impose on themselves, usually with the help of a game master.




@morgan, Well, okay than, feel free to profile me.

Dinosaur would not be out of place.



Though I can say I’ve actually played Dungeons and Dragons, lordie must of been '93, so I do know what role-playing games are. :-p


Not sure where to post this:

I have much enjoyed our exchanges theses last months.

I will be off net from to day up to the 5th of august.

See you

See you
Be well!