Marianne Williamson enters the 2024 presidential race

A challenger to biden has emerged for the 2024 race although biden has yet to commit on the back of democrat polls that show most do not want him to run again

Lets see if he has the democratic balls to debate williamson if he runs again

Summary of her platform

  • Enact fair taxes on the wealthy, corporations, and Wall Street, and reduce taxes on working people. The richest people in America increased their wealth by a total of $6.5 trillion in 2021. The total wealth of the 1% reached a record $45.9 trillion by the end of 2021, and these fortunes increased by more than $12 trillion, or more than a third, during the course of the pandemic. (See my anti-poverty policy page)

  • Support Universal Healthcare, and end prescription drug price gouging. (See healthcare plan)

  • Increase of the federal minimum wage to $15/hr. In areas where this is too large a jump to make immediately, the federal government should provide subsidies during a transitional period.

  • Protect the middle-class from tax hikes while repealing the 2017 Trump tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.

  • Make Education Affordable: Offer free tuition to public colleges including community colleges and four-year colleges. Offer free trade school tuition to work in occupations such as a carpenter, plumber, bus mechanic, or electrician. Those trade schools will coordinate with organized apprenticeship programs to give students real-world experience.

  • Eliminate all interest on student loans and forgive all federal and privately held student debt. Students are too often burdened with school loans that hold them back from following their dreams. Forgiving all student debt will allow students to work in a career they love, launch a business, or buy a home.

  • A modern Glass-Steagall Act, separating commercial banks (which take deposits and make loans) from investment banks, ensuring banks cannot make risky investments. If they fail, they should not be bailed out by the government.

  • Holding Wall Street accountable. No bank that is too big to fail should exist. There are benefits to capitalism. One is, things that don’t work should not survive.

  • Enhanced Union Support. My Administration will expand and protect the rights of working people to organize for better wages and working conditions. (See labor policy)

  • Reduce wealth inequality. See the questionnaire at the bottom of this section for specific actions.

  • Equal pay for equal work, eliminating pay inequalities for women and disabled workers.

  • Paid vacation and sick leave for all employees, even part-timers who cannot work more than part-time hours due to disability or other limitations. Every industrialized nation but ours guarantees this right.

  • Portable retirement plans for every worker in this nation. A retirement plan that one can take with them from job-to-job. No one should be afraid of their future.

  • Closing the loopholes that give big breaks to large corporations, and ensuring they pay their fair share of taxes to level the playing field so small businesses can compete.

  • Eliminate predatory lending practices to homeowners and hold accountable financial service companies that engage in usury. Increase access to loan modifications that enable people to stay in their homes.

  • Investing in our infrastructure, creating a green economy with jobs that rebuild roads, bridges, and rails, increasing renewable energy power, updating clean water systems, improving our rail system and massively investing in public transit.

  • Expand and enforce Antitrust laws even more forcefully so that new businesses have a chance to succeed.

  • Eliminating the income cap on Social Security payroll taxes.

  • Raising the estate tax with special care given to help family businesses pay-off the estate tax bills over time so we don’t shut down small businesses.

  • Eliminating the carried interest and Exchange-Traded Funds tax loopholes enjoyed by Wall Street.

  • We must declare a national climate emergency and end all fossil fuel subsidies to eliminate the use of carbon from the economy to slow global warming. This will create millions of good paying green jobs in renewable energy (solar, wind and water power), architecture and building (green buildings), energy-efficient vehicles (electric cars), new public transit systems, and much more. We must ban all fracking and revoke drilling licenses on public lands. The greening of the economy has already created millions of new jobs – there are twice as many people working in the solar industry than in coal. The best way to decarbonize is to put a price on carbon; this incentivizes people to find ways to use less carbon.

  • Create a caring economy. The real wealth of our nation is our people. Investing in care is both humane and good for our economy. Much of the care for children, the sick and the elderly is now unpaid, done mostly by women and people of color. If this labor were paid, it would strengthen the economic security of millions of workers, especially disenfranchised communities, and ensure that people who need care get it.

  • Providing early Education and Universal Child Care. Focusing on these initiatives will prepare the next generation for the knowledge jobs of the future, and decrease crime, poverty, and incarceration rates.

  • Paid Family Leave (to welcome a new child by birth or adoption), Paid Sick Leave (to care for yourself or a loved one), and Paid Caregiving for caregivers.

  • A Universal Savings Program. Under my plan, each child will receive a gift from the federal government deposited in a fund created at birth. Family and friends can add to that fund as the child grows, with the government matching those contributions on a sliding scale. (Less wealthy families will get a 100% match and more wealthy families a 10% match.) Eventually the child grows up and can use those funds for wealth-enhancing purposes such as education, training, house down payment, or to start a business. [See Robert Friedman’s book about the Universal Savings Program, “A Few Thousand Dollars: Sparking Prosperity for Everyone” (2018).]

  • Reestablish the federal Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO), the agency responsible for administering most of the War on Poverty. Change the current Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) back to its original form under the Economic Opportunity Act (EOA), which sent federal funding directly into communities via their local Community Action Agencies to eliminate poverty, expand educational opportunities, increase the social safety net for the poor and unemployed, and tend to the health and financial needs of the elderly. This was successfully implemented before programs were transferred to other agencies and program funds were rerouted through the states, and the OEO was abolished by Ronald Reagan in 1981. Give communities back their power.