Man vs Woman

I don’t think the people asking for equality think they should get equal results without equal effort. The problem is, equal effort has different results.

In a lot of ways people do want equal numbers regardless of effort. A good example of this is affirmative action and the wage gap argument. I’ve noticed a lot of videos where people to this day argue that women receive 70% of wages in comparison to men. They’re not looking at all the factors that go in to why women don’t get paid the same on average, they just look at the result.

I wouldn’t generalized. My family and I live it. There’s nothing like walking down the street with your baby in a stroller and some older man walks up and calls you an “N***** lover” or the lighter child being allowed to get a drink from the fountain, but the younger on not allowed to do so and yet they have the same father. Then watching your kids being pushed back and forth being told they aren’t Black enough or not white enough, when it shouldn’t matter. Then there’s being told you don’t belong in said neighbourhood because you’re white and didn’t matter your kids were 1/2 Black. It goes both ways, but don’t think for a minute everyone doesn’t know what racism is.

Racism begins when you believe that there is more than human race.

Racism is the idea that men differ from each others, due to some difference, be it skin color, religion, or any other traits and the n that some races are superior to inferior to others.

Racism exist. Mriana gives an exemple. I can give another one. One day, a friend was coming home with her daughter. She was very upset as in the street, a man had told her " A pity that every one of you had not been exterminated in camps"

Up to this day i had not imagined that she could be of Jewish ascendancy, but she was.

Equal opportunity and affirmative action: Skin color, religion or sex, are one factor. But there are other ones.

For instance, in France, manual workers represent 30 % of population, but only 11 % of the students. And, much less in the more prestigious schools, or in Masters.

But to to succeed in one’s job, one does not only needs a diploma, but also the ability to master the social codes. And it is easier when your parents are upper middle class than from a poor suburb.

Now,3 ideas:

  • First, except in public service which recruits by contests, there is discrimination. And that’s should not be.

-Second, affirmative action: sorry, but when i go to a doctor, i don’t give a dam about his skin color or sex, but i want to be sure he is qualified. Not that he got his diploma because he benefitted from some affirmative action.

-Third, the first false solution is positive discrimination at entrance of university or when in job. The true solution would be during the school cursus. If you have three candidates for one opening, one must be entitled to choose the best.

I have read that minorities asked for anonymous CV and that the system had detrimental consequences.

[the anonymous CV concept: for or against ? Doesn't matter anymore]

(For those who don’t know it, France has two system of post bac teaching: university and so called great schools. Most schools are more selective, give access to the best paid jobs, and are more prestigious, but very often much more expensive than universities)

Seriously, fuck those assholes. (Sorry I know you want to keep the forum clean) but people like that need to die in my option. I hope this was a long time ago. I’d be shock to hear that it happened in the past 20 to 30 years, but never underestimate the stupidity of thoughtless aholes.

Your case is pretty clean cut, but now I’m seeing this newer generation posting on Tiktok that cultural appropriation is racist. Calling a black person a colored person is racist, but calling them a person of color is not. The rules change with each new generation, but the game is still the same.

Well, be shocked then. This is a problem with human beings. We see improvements in our own lives and think the whole world is better. I just heard a quote, “The man who is well fed will tell preach to those who aren’t that better times are coming.” It happened with religion in the middle of the last century, the common wisdom said religion was waning, but the fundamentalists said otherwise. It happened with chronic starvation, the world saved Central America and then India from massive deaths, then just sort of got tired of it. It’s happening now with racism.

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First, you know to watch the language and secondly, the push back and forth is still happening to my sons. They’ve been forced to choose in adulthood. My older son, who is lighter complexion- about like a Native American and the other is as dark as his father (looks very much Black). The older son is in the white community- lives, works, and socializes. The younger one is mostly in the Black community, although his baby mama is white. So some of it is still perpetuated today, just not as blatantly and my older son despises that he has been forced to chose. I don’t like it much either. So it does still exist.

Oh and btw, my sons are 30 and 32. So be shocked because it has.

My recommendation is move as far away as you can from southern blue states. They may very well be 40 years behind the times of the rest of this country.

I won’t say sorry for what happened because I don’t take blame for other actions, but I do have a personal hatred for people who act in such ways.

Don’t you mean “red states”? Most of the Southern states, including those on the Mason Dixon Line are red with Repug governors. I can’t stand the Repug called Parson. I also don’t need you to say you’re sorry, because you didn’t do it.

Sorry, I get mixed on the red and blue, but yes I mean the deep red states. There are some backwoods Republicans that still live in the Jim Crow era in many of the southeast states.

in our time period of apex predator we would attack other humans that looked different than ourselves and try to kill them to guarantee our survival. Humans were not educated to modify behavior as we became more populated other than jail time.