Loose talk

Obama has been elected for his second term. His detractors were all claiming that so many things would happen during this second term. How close were they to what actually happened?

  1. Gas Would Peak at $5.45 per Gallon Mike Lee (R-UT) claimed that if Obama was reelected, gas would go up to $6.60 per gallon. Lee was not the only one claiming these prices. Republican Newt Gingrich claimed prices could go as high as $10 a gallon. Today’s average gas prices are $2.24 per gallon.
  2. Unemployment Would Stay Above 8%Mitt Romney predicted that if Obama was reelected, we would continue to see massive unemployment for a long time to come. At the time, the unemployment rate was 8.1%. Romney claimed if he was elected, he could bring unemployment down to 6%. Today the unemployment rate is 5.8%, lower than what Romney himself thought was the best he could do.
  3. Huge Stock Market Crash Donald Trump attacked Obama on Twitter after his reelection, claiming the drop in currency and stock prices was due to Obama. Other experts claimed there would be no end in sight for the dropping prices. At this time, the stock market is currently over 35%, much higher than the 20% claimed by experts at the time.
  4. U.S. Economy Collapse Many conservative, like Rush Limbaugh, claimed the U.S. economy would completely collapse if Obama was reelected. Since Obama’s reelection, the economy has been steadily climbing.

I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I love and respect President Obama. Has he failed in some areas? Yes. Has he succeeded despite the odds, in others. Hell, yes.

It’s not the political rhetoric I mind so much as the people who blindly follow these naysayers. Or the fact that any politician is allowed to legally lie in order to garner votes. Gingrich, Romney and their ilk hope that these poisonous memes will be carried through the conservative communities to be used as a mantra at the polls. “Tell a lie long enough and people will believe it to be true” (paraphrase actually). I recently ran into a lady at rehab who parroted these same lies and added that she wanted Obama out because he was taking our guns away and by disarming America we would be powerless to influence World affairs. That’s not exactly how she said it, it was a lot cruder and bordered on racism. I countered with FACTS but she stated that it was her opinion and she was entitled to it and nothing I said would change her mind. And she votes.
Cap’t Jack

Cap’t Jack wote:
“Romney and their ilk hope that these poisonous memes will be carried through the conservative communities to be used as a mantra at the polls.”
Unfortunately they are right.