Genius Political Cartoons

I stumbled upon this forum that has a thread dedicated to political cartoons.

There are thousands of them in the thread (it goes back to 2015 and the Trump cartoons from then are eerily prescient), so you won’t be able to see them all unless you spend hours, but I know you folks will appreciate the genius on display in some of them.



Thank you for that link. Quite the collection, going down the row, this one caught my eye for being a particularly astute appraisal of the Grand Old Party.

I’ve looked a pages and pages of them. All are good.

Scrolling through them is a valuable and entertaining way to spend a few minutes.

I’m going through them backwards from page 193 (I’m at 170). This post is just to save the page I’m on, there’s nothing special about this link.



Give Roger Cohen at the NY Times credit for digging up something from MAD Magazine that shows how far back Donald Trump’s character was known. Writing in A Difficult Independence Day, Cohen references a parody in MAD Magazine of “the Wizard of Oz” from 1991 drawn by Sam Viviano.


www - dailykos - com/stories/2020/7/4/1958130/-If-only-we-d-paid-more-attention-to-MAD-Magazine-about-Trump-in-1991

Some more:

www - reddit - com/r/The_Mueller/comments/7vte0b/trump_in_january_1991_from_mad_300_artist_sam/