LifeWise in Public Schools

This is strange development:

Religious instruction during school hours but not on school property. My first though was how?, but it seems there is a legal loophole this organization squeezed through:

Public schools cannot promote any religion under the First Amendment, but a 1952 Supreme Court ruling centered on New York schools cleared the way for programs like LifeWise. Individual places of worship often work with schools to host programs off campus, and they are not regulated in some states.

I’ve never heard of anything like that. In my 12 years in public school, the only thing that was kind of similar was a pool party field trip we had once at some religious camp.

At any rate, the state forcing schools to comply is opening up a big can of worms.

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I saw that in my AP News app a few days ago. Sad. This upcoming election will determine so much about our future. Project 2025 needs to be squashed.