Local science teacher pushing Xtainity

This article is a freeby I think.

If Ms. Silver wants to push her religious dogma I suggest she find a fundamentalist xtian school to employ her. there are plenty of those indoctrination centers who would be happy to accept her brand of “teaching” sermonizing. FFR was right to bring suit against her and the student/s who brought this to their attention should be lauded for their behavior. teachers in a public school are there to teach the curriculum mandated by state standards, not to proselytize their chosen faith. Religious material, e.g. posters a bible, koran etc. or another symbols are acceptable when discussing the role religion plays in the curriculum, such as references to literature or history but not to display a teacher’s own personal beliefs. And no she doesn’t have the right to promote her own beliefs while in a position of authority over children especially in a SCIENCE class. When she looses this suit I’d send her and her religion packing.
Cap’t Jack