Liberal vs leftist

With the help of liberals

“We’ll go down in history as the first society that wouldn’t save itself because it wasn’t cost-effective.” - Kurt Vonnegut

It’s really hard to see what this guy stands for. It’s a long series of memes. When he responds to the counter video, he starts with an evaluation of the guy’s demeanor. This is Youtube eating itself.

Tik Tok is not a source I pay attention to because it is not a reliable source and China owns it. So it’s free to spread propaganda. I’m very cautious about other social media outlets too and removed my account from Twit when what’s his face took over.

It’s Tik Tok. I wouldn’t pay it any mind.

What has americans posting on tiktok got to do with china and why do you have to bring your anti china prejudice to the conversation??

you have presented yourself as someone who is informed. So when you ignore the year old conversation about Tik Tok, and attack a member personally, it really makes me wonder.

FBI director says TikTok poses U.S. national security concerns : NPR

Yet you have no problem with America being economically dependent on China, which is exactly what the pampered leftist is getting at.

Liberals are a joke, but it’s the same joke over and over and everyone else is tired of it.

Dependent? It’s a global economy but were not dependent.

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China owns TikTok and their app is a security risk.

He’s not informed. At least not about Tik Tok.

I do have a problem with that, but as Lausten said, it’s a global economy. Still the “Made in the U.S.” label no longer exists and Union membership has gone down drastically be cause of it. I grew up with Teamsters, because my father was a teamster. Teamsters get things done. Sometimes they are a little unconventional, but they still get things done for workers.

We are dependent on them in a big way.

Since China is untrustworthy, why did we establish this dependence? The answer is liberalism.

Biden did something about that. It’s one of his major accomplishments and resulted in the low unemployment numbers we have today.

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In fact your words were not a reliable source and free to spread propaganda . Are the americas posting on tiktok controlled and paid by the Chinese govt to do so?

Obviously you aren’t listening to reliable news sources or you would know Tik Tok is owned by China, which is what Lausten said too. But you go on believing what you want and spreading the real propaganda.

That’s freedom. Propaganda depends on freedom. People freely repeat the lies, spreading the Propaganda. It’s obvious fallacy of popular opinion, but most people aren’t logical.

My first sentence was about the guy’s bad logic but here we are talking China.

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As usual. Read the articles you link, not just headlines. Corporations have been exporting labor since Nixon. The article talks of shareholders over labor. The WTO and NAFTA are supported by both parties because their big donors support them.

Mriana - what question did I ask you ??

US government could easily fix that, but they won’t. The reason they won’t is because they are liberal.

The reason we made ourselves economically dependent on an unfriendly nation like China is because we are liberal, and liberals like you are fine with that.

Liberals are always happy to drop their pants and bend over, and they bring their own lube.

Actually, liberals prefer it without lube.

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What makes you think the US is economically dependent on any country?
Americans have the most to spend and don’t just support the US economy but the economy of other countries as well.
That does not make the US dependent, it makes that other country dependent on the US economy.

US economy is dependent on China . He raises globalisation but not grasping that as US tries to diversify trade with other countries and less with china, all those countries are significantly increasing their trade with china - multiplying china centric supply chains.

Add to this the US debt and rare earths held by china. But but ? But what ?

It doesn’t have to be and it shouldn’t be.