A puzzle for political posters

You can read this guy’s story in the first screen. Some of this gets a little out-there, but he keeps coming back to using our intelligence and recognizing our power in numbers.

The puzzle is, and this is dated; if we know that George Bush is not that bright, and couldn’t have created this mess, why do we keep blaming him? That comes later in the video.

Insert Donald Trump or Joe Biden in that, and ask yourself why you would focus on those individuals and not the collective wisdom of everyone else on the planet?

Begs the question on where YOU place such blame. Your posts are consistent in that you don’t finish a thought.

The video runs for 19:56 mins and although he got close at one point, he could not muster the courage to say the word - Capitalism.

He touches on the Marxist concept of alienation and false conciouness but drags it all down at 14:40 where he connects the dots to a plandemic type explanation in keeping with any QAON video.

Quote at 14 :40

The industrial ruling class need to purge the planet and things are being set in motion now.

Not the critical thinker he was made out to be by you.

I don’t recall making him out to be a critical thinker. I do recall you, DJ, specifically blaming Biden for recent events, events that were set in motion decades ago. I don’t defend every word the guy says, so I’m not going to engage you on the points you made.

The only point I was making was the one about blaming individuals, usually rich and powerful ones, instead of looking to the power that can be found in organizing communities. That is something people do. It doesn’t beg any questions.

“one about blaming individuals, usually rich and powerful ones, instead of looking to the power that can be found in organizing communities”

But you dont do that. That’s the point. What has been highlighted about Biden is the illusion that he will bring great change.

What do you know about what I do? CFI Forum is not where I go for community organizing, so, yeah, you wouldn’t see that here.

All politicians say they will bring change. I wouldn’t call that an illusion.

Don’t know anything about your political activism. Just going on what you post.

Yes all politicians say change will come. The political puzzle as you put it, is people’s blind faith that Biden will

I agree. That’s exactly the point. This puzzle is politically neutral. Everyone does this. You may have noticed a lot of people who said Trump was going to solve a lot of problems. Also, Trump got a lot of blame for things a President is directly involved in, things he did not initiate. It’s all pretty useless in my opinion.

There are a lot of problems with our democracy. Changing that will require a lot of people participating, not just the actions of a few.

“You may have noticed a lot of people who said Trump was going to solve a lot of problems”
I wouldnt say solve. More like blow it all up. But lets agree you are right. But why? How did they reach this conclusion? Solve the puzzle. Finish your thought.

As Taibbi put it

Trump’s point was that he, Trump, was already swinishly rich, while politicians have only one thing to sell to get the upper class status they crave: us.

It’s not a thought to be finished. It wasn’t even my own thought. I can’t change human nature. I can’t alter the thinking of milions of people. People have different reasons for their decisions, some of them are known, but that doesn’t mean there is a standard response that can change each person’s mind. You look at things in a very strange way.

Why did people think trump would “solve” the problems?

How would I know? I just know there is a phenomenon, where people who feel disenfranchised or otherwise stressed are willing to accept a claim like that from an authority

So whats the collective wisdom of this mess?

These are find questions DJ, but, why are asking them? They are questions that don’t have easy answers. You are like some sort “questions of the ages” robot. That’s not an insult, just an observation. So, I got other things to do, and I’m going to do them now.

Because you brought it up. You must have reason for doing so. Why did you invite people down this path if you yourself could not be bothered?

I didn’t invite you to ask me questions that can’t be answered.

Also, no one here is required to spend any particular amount of time, respond to any particular post, or be constrained by any other demands on their time. You are the only person here who does that and I rarely see it in any other forum. I don’t know why you think that’s acceptable behavior.

I just wanted to see how you apply your thought bubble collective wisdom to the reality of today