Liberal vs leftist

You are now being crude. This is a warning.

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How is that alternate reality you’re living in?

In 2023, the United States spent nearly $61 billion on foreign aid. Fully half of that budget has gone to just ten countries:

  1. Ukraine ($16.4 billion)
  2. Israel ($3.3 billion)
  3. Ethiopia ($1.95 billion)
  4. Jordan ($1.65 billion)
  5. Egypt ($1.43 billion)
  6. Afghanistan ($1.19 billion)
  7. Somalia ($1.13 billion)
  8. Yemen ($1.05 billion)
  9. Congo ($987 million)
  10. Syria ($896 million)

more… Foreign aid by country: Who’s getting the most — and how much??

Not enough for you?

What sort of aid 4 U??

This counts as an ad hominem.
The nom de plume is “write4u”.

I provided a link. It is illegal to copy articles in their entirety.
But it seems those small details don’t mean much to you, do they?

btw. what exactly caused you to become “stateless”, stateless?
Are you unwelcome in your native country?

How come you dont vet your links before you post??

If you can provide better links you are welcome to do so. Then we can vet your links.

Make no demands which you do not follow yourself.

At least I post links. You don’t.

Are all your links like that?

That would be a great list if we were discussing foreign aid.

Yes , He didnt check for this before posting

I see, You can’t argue a distinct difference Humanitarian perspective between the two concepts, so you resort to “foul play”.

It is a great list under any discussion of political positions.