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I’ve been following Bart Campolo lately. He has his own podcast, but in the link within this link, he is being interviewed by someone else.]
There are so many thoughts flying in this that I think a lot was missed. So I made up a “study guide”. If I were moderating, I would have made the interviewer back up his claims, like science developing out of monotheistic assumptions. If it’s possible to get past those issues, then they could have engaged on how to use these cultural tools, like singing together and celebrating births, to advance culture and bring people together, instead of dividing us like they do now.
I’ve dropped this out on their discussion page and a couple other places, but, no bites so far.

I guess I am the first responder to that post. Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread. :bug:

Hope you don’t get burned

Hope you don't get burned
At worst, I'll learn something, at best it could be an "interesting discussion".

Okay I came swinging in from deep left field.
It so weird with that blog set up that it doesn’t acknowledge comments have been received and are in moderation.
So I’m never quite sure if it’s lost or sitting waiting for moderation.
I imagine my blogs do the same thing.
But basically in those discussions it seems like they tend to start with the human as a starting point,
rather than a continuum with rudimentary language/communication, eating together, playing together, hunting and
warring together, even hints of spiritual beliefs already established in pre human hominids.

Mysterious chimpanzee behaviour may be evidence of ‘sacred’ rituals February 29, 2016