Debunking Massresistance...

Hello, this is my first time here in the forums. I was hoping for help debunking this article from the antigay group Massresistance and their attacks on gay rights and safe sex activist Kevin Jennings.

I should note this seems to focus on the phony “fistgate” scandal:

My question is, did Jennimgs really know ahead of time about the context in that sex ed conference?

I doubt it:


Here is another thing they promote. One of their members had a son who was attacked:

However they waited a month afterwards to mention this:

Hmmmm… who is telling the truth here?


They claim this law will legalize beastality…

But then say:

Bear in mind that there are bills which "only" lessen the penalities for bestiality, or which keep it a crime while decriminalizing human-on-human sodomy
Hmmm, can they even read....

In our continuing search for a definition of "sexual orientation" in the law, we made this shocking discovery: Massachusetts law actually declares PEDOPHILIA* &/or PEDERASTY** a "sexual orientation" !
discriminate against or actually discriminating against persons of any religious sect, creed, class, race, color, denomination, sex, sexual orientation, which shall not include persons whose sexual orientation involves minor children as the sex object,
Shall not include, guess they are illiterate then...

And another on the “pity us” bus


This bizarre ruling is every parent's nightmare. But more than that, it's a complete abandonment of right and wrong, civil rights, or even common sense. It's hard to imagine a person sworn to uphold the law could write this. How bad is it? Read on.

Wolf also makes the point that must NOT be allowed to opt out! He echoes the homosexual movement’s propaganda, that allowing religious freedom would send a bad “message” to children whose parents engage in homosexual behavior, so therefore schools must teach homosexuality in a positive light to EVERY student.

For the record, the “propoganda” doesn’t mention “homosexual” behavior like it doesn’t mention “heterosexual behavior”

Then Wolf makes the odious statement that the Parkers' options are (1) send their kids to a private school, (2) home-school their kids, or (3) elect a majority of people to the School Committee who agree with them. Can you imagine a federal judge in the Civil Rights era telling blacks the same thing -- that if they can't be served at a lunch counter they should just start their own restaurant?
You are saying your subjective beliefs are the same as skin color? What hypocricy!

Again homosexuality refers to same sex attraction, not sexual behavior!

As said in another ruling which this organization quotes from

On the facts, there is no viable claim of "indoctrination" here. Without suggesting that such showings would suffice to establish a claim of indoctrination, we note the plaintiffs' children were not forced to read the books on pain of suspension. Nor were they subject to a constant stream of like materials. There is no allegation here of a formalized curriculum requiring students to read many books affirming gay marriage


Here they try to pass a law about parents rights by conflating beastality and polygamy with homosexuality. Then try and lie about it:

“sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” guaranteeing that legal chaos will ensue. For example, many radicals consider pedophilia a “sexual orientation” – which could end up becoming protected! What other perverted practices might be protected? Prostitution, BDSM (bondage and sadomasochism), bestiality.

In one curious section of the bill (which expands the list of “public accommodations” covered by anti-discrimination law), we are informed: “Many places of public accommodation recognize the economic imperative to offer goods and services to as many consumers as possible.” This passage could be used to protect “transgender” men using women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, BDSM orgies in hotels, or pedophile conferences.
Goodbye to freedom of religion on LGBT issues. Many have noted that religious speech critical of “sexual orientation and gender identity” could be considered unlawful discrimination. Not even churches will be exempt as they could be considered “public accommodations” (“a place or establishment that provides … gathering…; any establishment that provides a good, service, or program”).

For the record this is what they are talking about:

“(2) GENDER IDENTITY.—The term ‘gender identity’ means the gender-related identity, appearance, mannerisms, or other gender-related characteristics of an individual, regardless of the individual’s designated sex at birth.

“(3) INCLUDING.—The term ‘including’ means including, but not limited to, consistent with the term’s standard meaning in Federal law.

“(4) SEX.—The term ‘sex’ includes—

“(A) a sex stereotype;

“(B) pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition;

“(C) sexual orientation or gender identity; and

“(D) sex characteristics, including intersex traits.

“(5) SEXUAL ORIENTATION.—The term ‘sexual orientation’ means homosexuality, heterosexuality, or bisexuality.


How is any of this ill-defined?

More lies here:

And off course one of their laimes arguments is “Think of the children” by saying gays cannot be parents:

BROOKLINE, MA, Wednesday, April 25. Between 150-200 students converged on a handful of parents demonstrating outside Brookline High School to protest the pro-homosexual "Day of Silence" inside, screaming, swearing, throwing food, and other uncivilized behavior as several school faculty members and administrators looked on.

The group of about half a dozen parents attempted to engage in discussion with the kids about the event, and one parent brought flyers to hand out (which were taken from him and burned by some of the students). Food was thrown at several parents by students.

Surprise! They don’t show this.

To see how dumb they are look here:

Members of the Commission described how “homophobic parents” is the number one risk factor and biggest problem causing “depressed LGBT youths, which leads to drug use, pregnancy, and even suicide, they said. Parents are “the cause of the problems” and all kinds of statistics were read about the problems of “gay” youth – although the sources of these statistics was not mentioned. (We suspect that, as usual, most of these statistics are unsupportable or just plain phony, and they must be challenged.)

Their solution is – in addition to more homosexual programs in the school – to fund pro-homosexual houses (referred to as “shelters”) where kids (“LGBT problem youth”) would be persuaded to leave their parents and live. These shelters would be run by homosexual activists, all paid for by public money and run by the Commission.

Thus, the efforts of adult activists to persuade troubled kids to leave their parents has spawned a new funding vehicle – LGBT youth homelessness – for which they are claiming they need money. They have already started collecting emotional “testimony” from troubled kids with homophobic parents to use when lobbying.

Here are the sources jackass.

When they try to defend serial liar Scott Lively:

We had planned to do a point-by-point refutation of the charges against Lively in the 47-page lawsuit. But that would be too big a project. Almost every line contains some kind of ridiculous assertion or twisted logic attempting to connect Lively to real or imagined horrors in Uganda. In particular, they take statements he made completely out of context (if he made those statements at all) and try to create a powerful monster who upended the country out of a minor pastor from the US who simply came and spoke at a pro-family conference and before the Parliament. We've never seen anything quite like it.
This is an example to telling something is wromg without showing how it is wrong
Ironically, Scott Lively has credentials in Human Rights from the well-known International Institute of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, a United Nations-administered program. He is probably more knowledgeable and qualified on the subject than his vast army of accusers!
Where are these credentials? We never see them.
Harassing Pastor Lively's coffee house minutes after the suit was filed.
Where he employed convicted pedophiles:


"Lively is known as the author of anti-gay books such as The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality and the Nazi Party and Why and How to Defeat the 'Gay' Movement."

These books are considered scholarly and useful sources of information across the country. The fact that the homosexual movement doesn’t like them, however, is not surprising.

Because they are false?

What they're not telling you: When Lively went to Uganda at the invitation of government leaders to discuss the homosexual issue, he recommended rehabilitation rather than punishment, and told them he is opposed to capital punishment. However, he said he supports their interest in taking the problem seriously, unlike in many Western countries.
But he doesn't explain why he is against the death seems to be a pr move more than anything.

What are you doing Jacob? Is this your personal notepad or something?

I just feel that these fools should be exposed…

Well I only fit in the expanded version of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum that is not as directly effected, perhaps, or being extra interested in this specific topic. But I do support your agenda with well wishes.

Our observation was that their obsession with children's activities is a disturbing part of that lifestyle. The homosexual movement's fanatical push to get into the public schools (including elementary schools) and have special kids' events such as "Youth Pride Day" and a kids' "Transgender Prom" , as well as parades and other dress-up events, is just a part of it.
By trying to show they aren't dangerous?
In the same article he uses the disgusting tactic of trying to defend their "good" obsession with children by using the unfortunate situations that have happened in some churches:

Religious people attack gays all the time:

The homosexual / transgender propaganda machine continues. It's heartbreaking and terrifying. Good people need to stand up to it.
Someone is projecting...

Obviously, Six Flags is a private business and can do what it wants. But citizens and parents can also do what they want -- by not patronizing Six Flags and letting them know why. Six Flags is sending us all a broader message, and doing their part to integrate the homosexual movement into society. For a business that caters to children, this is pretty chilling.

Why an amusement park?
Think about this: Normally, a group of adults wouldn’t be interested in a child’s amusement park. Most people might go on a cruise, or to a pro football or baseball game, or to a picnic, hike, sightseeing tour, or museum.

But as we see so much, the homosexual community seems to be obsessed with events connected to children, such as the public schools, parades, “gay youth” events, and children’s’ sections of libraries. And of course, there’s the famous “Gay Days” at Disneyworld. One might speculate on their own delayed development.


This groundbreaking event is organized and sponsored by our outstanding Texas chapter, Texas MassResistance. Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez, the leader of Texas-MassResistance, is a professor of humanities at SWBTS. The Seminary is hosting this event.


See here for how bogus he is:

Oh and it ends with an anti LGBT sticker with a caption under it:

Close the classroom door on the agenda.

This looks like a symbol for killing gays! It is biological:

Let’s make this interesting. Is sex biological or social construct?

“The uncomfortable truth – which all legitimate medical and psychological authorities will tell you — is that underneath the attractive veneer, LGBT behavior is rooted in extremely destructive emotional and sexual dysfunction – and sickening perversions. That’s why virtually all the “gay pride” parades are like this – and why the media always refuses to report on it honestly.”
Even though your video doesn’t have any of that…or even what is in the thumbnail…
And you are wrong:
You aren’t legit:
“The passionate, visceral hatred of traditional Christianity (and Judaism) in the “gay” movement is a reaction to the fact that God’s law (i.e., natural law) is so vastly opposed to their proclivities.”
Does this include slavery and killing nonbelievers?
“The first step in winning the culture war is telling the truth. It’s much easier said than done these difficult days. But we must do it!”
Screw you…you aren’t truthful:

BREAKING NEWS: “Drag Queen” in Austin, TX Public Library exposed by MassResistance as convicted male prostitute
Arresting someone for being a prostitute just causes more problems..
Keep in mind that we earlier forwarded all of this to the Austin City Council and library officials. None of them gave any indication that they felt it was inappropriate that this person was reading stories to young children in their public library. They apparently didn’t want to offend the LGBT lobby. This reveals a lot about our public officials, unfortunately.

CAUTION: Some of these are obscene and disgusting. But keep in mind that this is a person whom the library staff and city officials agreed is a “role model” for children. And this is the mindset of this “Drag Queen.”

A drag queen named Pontiff said that as a drag queen he has performed in shows for adults that he compared to an R-rated film. He argued that he should be able to have access to children because, as an adult, he knows how to “filter” himself and make his content PG-rated.

“I can go in and entertain adults in a club and also entertain a group of students and young children. I’m able to do that because I’m an adult and able to filter myself,” he said.

And so far this has been the case…

They haven’t had one pic of an adult performance during these events…

As we all know, LGBT activists can be very nasty people, especially when it comes opposition to their programs with children. A few of them threw eggs at the parents outside the library.
How come the egg looks like it was thrown away from a protestor:


I smell a rat…

Another drag queen? It's hard to tell!

Hahahahaha…they can’t tell huh? Yeah they are liars…

A Houston MassResistance mother confronts the Houston City Council over their “Drag Queen” event. She holds up two photos from our report of children who are being horribly exploited by the “Drag Queen” movement. It was ultimately canceled when we revealed that their “Drag Queen” was a convicted child molester.

And how was the kid “exploited”? They are surprisingly ok with genatalia…

And as for child molestantion… the guy hadn’t offended in 11 years…

Also at that parade was another incident that resulted in a victory for the pro-family cause. During the parade, one of the LGBT marchers removed his clothes and marched down the street naked. In many cities around the world the police just ignore it. But the Hong Kong police quickly arrested him. He was brought to trial and subsequently found guilty of exposing himself and fined by the court. It sent a clear message to the LGBT movement.
Yeah you van be accused off nudity even when you are wearing underwear, i.e. not naked!
On June 26, 2014, mainland China signed UN Resolution 26-11,titled "Protection of the Family." The resolution states that "[T]he family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State." Every year Christian groups gather to celebrate the signing of that resolution. This year, Teresa joined them with a purple MassResistance flag to show support!
Hey massresistance, did you know China for es abortions a limits on children!

Yeah, you sure picked a winner on human rights!

During the UN debate on that resolution, some delegations had demanded that same-sex couples be specifically included in the definition of a family. But that was, thankfully, rejected in the final version. To celebrate that, many people wear the "one man, one woman" shirt shown above.
Even though there are many different family structures:

So you all are anti family?

Here is stuff to debunk this article:

Video by flat earth Jesus who claims the giants dug out the grand canyon and used this material to make the moon