JFK Smoking Gun

I watched this show called JFK:Smoking Gun from 2013. I thought it’d be another warmed over collection of clips I’d seen a million times. Turns out, IMO, it provided pretty convincing evidence that Kennedy was actually killed on accident by a member of the Secret Service. It explains so many things, many of which I heard for the first time in this documentary. Executive summary: Oswald did fire the first two shots and missed. A secret service member in the trailing car, who was only in the secret service for four months, and really shouldn’t have been in the car, after hearing the shots understandably grabbed the machine gun they kept at the ready in the footwell. He picked it up, cocked it, and then accidently pulled the trigger. The service then proceeded to cover it up. And it’s implied too that they had Oswald killed asap - can’t have him saying I missed, I missed. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Definitely plausible. But maybe the agent was secretly a mob hitman.

Sounds a tad insane. That they turned a blind eye and wound up with a dead president, sort of like what happen with the World Trade Center, that I believe seems closer to the mark.

However, there is the Zapruder film, which indicates the rapidity, bang, bang, bang and that was that for a healthier saner future. Give the country to the oil men, the rest is history.


Amazing Facts About the JFK Assassination Donald E. Wilkes Jr.

University of Georgia School of Law

… Furthermore, in early November 1963, both the FBI and the CIA knew that Oswald was then residing in Dallas, through which, as they certainly also knew, JFK would be motorcading before the end of the month. The FBI even knew that Oswald then had a job working at the Texas School Book Depository, a tall building overlooking JFK’s Dallas motorcade route, and the CIA probably knew this too.
Yet, strangely, neither the FBI nor the CIA took precautionary steps to protect JFK from possible harm by Oswald. They did not even bother to contact the Secret Service, which (also strangely) was unaware of Oswald’s presence in Dallas.
There has never been a satisfactory explanation for this curious inaction by the FBI and the CIA.
2. The successful assassination of President Kennedy was a gigantic intelligence and security failure by the FBI, the Secret Service and the CIA, and yet nobody was fired.
One of the basic purposes of counterintelligence work is to prevent assassinations. However, after the JFK assassination neither the FBI officials in charge of domestic counterintelligence nor the CIA officials in charge of foreign counterintelligence were fired, even though it should have been obvious that they had failed spectacularly to perform their duty to prevent harm to President Kennedy.
The principal reason these officials retained …

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