Jewish did holocaust to themselves.

Yes , but that does not invalidate what I am saying. He could criticize the Kayser in 1924 as that was history and he was right. But he made the same mistake in 1941 !

Hitler was not a fool and knew that Germany could not win a two front war. but, at the end of 1940, he was devoid of any strategic option, he needed the natural resources and petrol of Russia, and he dreamed of vital space for Germany, not forgetting his racism against Slaves.

And Jews. He used the Jews as the scapegoat, blaming them for all the prevailing economic woes.

Whatever his reasons, Hitler was responsible for the extermination of some 6 million Jews. He was a deranged madman, a psychopath with a God complex.

We need to stop with the conspiracy theories, when the fact is, the Nazis genocided millions of Jews and it was NOT the Jews’ fault. It was solely the fault of the racist Nazis who didn’t give a damn about human life nor saw the Jews as being human.

I cannot argue with this, because this is the truth.

Yes it is. And he was helped by many people, not everyone German.

[Maurice Papon - Wikipedia]

When M Papon was at least judged, he asked that the French state pay his lawyers as French law edicts that it be done, when a civil servant is prosecuted for acts done in the frame of his functions.

the French Council of state, the highest French administrative court, judged that as he had acted beyond what the French and German authorities asked, he was entitled only to get reimbursed of half the cost.

I didn’t say the final solution never happened so your response is idiotic.

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This is a good point that many Americans are unaware of; the final solution was an afterthought …

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I didn’t say the final solution never happened so your response is idiotic.

Right but you did say that the final solution was an afterthought and that is an idiotic interpretation of history. Hitler used the Jews as scapegoat, blaming them for Germany’s economic woes.

Another interesting fact was the German plan to deport Jews to Madagascar.

And what is interesting about that in view of the extermination of 6 million Jews?

It is obvious you have not learned a single thing from this dark stain on human history.

The final solution was an option in Mein Kampf. the genocide began in Poland in 1940, It was systematically organized when the nazis leaders knew they could not win the war.

Antisemitism was a very common idea shared by millions of people in the world.

The allied powers share a part of responsibility. F. D. Roosevelt denied asylum to Jews.

How so? What’s bad about it?

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The Jews. As per the link immediately before your question that you obviously didn’t pursue.

How could Hitler have written about “war on 2 fronts” years before he became chancellor of Germany and started WWII

I said that it was bad information.

What’s interesting about it? We send terrorists to Gitmo. Not much interesting about that. Keeping them there without trial is interesting.

The best dramatic portrayal of him I’ve seen is by Robert Carlyle. To me its major lack was his Road to Damascus nervous breakdown in hospital. (2 links)

He was such as one of us. To use Banks’ paraphrase.

That it answered your question impeccably before you asked it. One man’s terrorist…

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That it answered your question impeccably before you asked it. One man’s terrorist…

Yes, that’s why they deserved a trial. But at least we fed the all of them.
Hitler saw it wasn’t worth the effort and decided to just kill them.

A minor point…?

And the point? . . .

A mass murder by a species of their own species is a remarkable natural event and demonstrates the insanity of the perpetrators. This is what ants do , but even then it is usually about food, not dominance.

One thing is abundantly clear, humans are an invasive species that exhaust available resources and then move on to the next feeding ground. What we leave behind is food for the ants.

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Dominance is about food.

Dominance is about greed, all the food.

There you go. Fear of food supply being cut off.

Yes, and he blamed the Jews for Germany’s economic woes.
But Hitler had bigger goals . He had a God complex and wanted to rule the world.
He called it his quest for “Lebensraum” .