Jewish did holocaust to themselves.

The Dolchstoss. Correct. He experienced multiple unhinging losses.

In 1924, Hitler wrote about WWI and criticized the German emperor, Wilhelm II, because in this war, Germany fought on 2 fronts, in West against French and British, then USA, and in East, against Russia !

And he made the same mistake.


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OK I 'll accept Hitler’s criticism of WWI. But at that time there were no Nazis.

If anything that paragraph is badly constructed and lumps WWI in with WWII

(Note: I apologize in advance if I accidentally replied to the wrong person. My aim is to reply to the title of this forum.) Are you serious? The idea that “the Jewish” were responsible for their own mass murder is one of the two or three most pernicious lies that has ever been concocted by thoroughly reprehensible people in the history of antiSemitism. (Please do not take any part of the following sentence out of context.) This utter fiction represents the absolute worst of people criticizing certain religions disproportionately relative to the threat they pose in the real world. Christian antiSemitism, fueled by belief in Jewish deicide, provides a context for the Holocaust that is actually supported by evidence and not merely ideology.

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Thanks jf. As a moderator here, I agree the title itself is barely with discussion. The initial poster was eventually banned from this forum. We try to allow a range of topics, but, sometimes…

Welcome to CFI, jfreedman20. I didn’t start the thread and as the other mod said, the initial poster was banned. We don’t ban various discussions, but sometimes, there is the one, we end up cutting short. Anti-semitism, racism, sexism… those are topics we watch carefully and when they get out of hand, we shut them down.