Give him my best, {and a bunch of thank yous} he’s in my thoughts.
if you don’t mind.

Sorry to have overlooked this news, EM. I hope you will let Jerry know that we’d love to hear from him. I see he hasn’t been here in a long while, and emails I send to him bounce, so I have no way of contacting him otherwise.

Hopefully, Occam will return someday. I know I get tired of engaging with the CFI forum, at times, and have abandoned it completely for months at a time. (When I do post, I still recognize his disapproval, if one of my posts goes on too long.)

Jerry says the food he eats tastes terrible, so I've been trying to find things that he can eat, but everything he finds just about all food to be inedible. We had lunch this Tuesday, but he ate very little, if anything at all. Is this a sign that his system is shutting down?
Not ncessarily. It may be that his sense of smell and taste has taken a hit. This happened to me a few years ago from a virus and for a while I could hardly smell or taste anything. I stopped enjoying food altogether. It gradually came back, but not completely, about 30%, I estimate. There are many foods I can barely taste. All anyone can do is to get used to it. I still enjoy the feeling of satisfying my appetite by eating food, but not nearly as much as I used to. Lois