It's Star Trek time! Comic Con fun pics :)

I went to Comic Con this weekend and had a blast. Michelle Hurd is like hanging with your best friend. She’s so cool. Gates McFadden, who I originally came to see is cool too, but in a different way. IDIC I enjoyed meeting and hanging with both of them. I had lots of fun and when my husband and I did the Photo Op with Gates and Michelle, I told him, “As long I am in between them, I don’t care who he stands beside.” Michelle said to him, “Get over here!” and put an arm around him. It was great! Of course we talked about more than that with them at Comic Con or rather I did. The first time, I was like Lwaxana Troi, and yes, I did wear black contacts both days. I was the only Betazoid. The second day, I had my uniform on and I told Gates, “I’ll try to be 1/2 as annoying today.” She laughed and then after the photo op I had to take the contacts out because they were really getting to me. Then I returned to Gates and Michelle’s tables again. I told Gates, because she also has blue eyes, “I took the black contacts out and now I’m Dr. Crusher.” she laughed again and saw my blue eyes. Then I said, “I don’t know how Marina wore them for 16 hours a day.” She didn’t know either.

My husband, the big guy below thought Gates thought he was a big creepy guy like some other people think. I told him I didn’t think so.

When we went to our hotel room to drop some things off on the last day, just three hours before the event end and needless to say, I went through the same door all weekend, passed the same security and all, there was an added security person. He pointed out my pepper spray and I was like, “I’ve had it all weekend long and this is the first anyone said anything.” He said, “who was it and I’ll fire them now.” I told him I’ve gone through this same door all weekend, but there’s no need to fire anyone, because no harm was done to anyone and no harm was going to be done." He said, “Well take it to your care or give it to me.” I said, “Fine, you can have it. I can buy another, but I’m not walking back to my hotel room just yet.” I thought that was unbelievable given the hour and all, but whatever. It is what it is and you can see it in the selfies with Gates and Michelle. They weren’t worried.

Anyway, it was all great fun and I thought I’d share some pics of it.