Cc here, saying hello.

I’m an old timer here, but an occasional introduction might be in order,

especially since I do consider a number of you folks friends I haven’t meet face to face.

It’s been an amazingly wonderful memorable weekend for me, the sort of thing we like sharing with friends and that’s what I’m doing.

Too much for here, but I invite you to visit my world. :wink:

Diary 9/15/10 - Day's of Our Lives, Passin Thru.

Diary 9/15/10 - Day’s of Our Lives, Sail Away.



Your playing in your head again my little player pup.

There’s a big difference between living an introspective life and narcissism - but you’d actually have to engage in living to appreciate that.

{Life means as much or as little as you choose it to mean. Mine happens to have been a grand adventure. Eat your heart out.}

Player, no one here wants to get to know you more than they do, so you’re free to ignore all invitations and friendly gestures made to the rest of us.

How have I not head of Passing Through?! It’s full of great people (and Billy Bob Thornton). Thanks for the cool recommendation.

I listen to Enya for hours each week while at work, so I’ve heard Orinocho Flow a thousand times. All Enya songs are great.

π, thanks. :slight_smile:

Oh, wow! CC: Thanks for that experience (listening to those 2 songs). That was intense.

I was narcissisticly googling myself and found the day I declared my atheism.



Looks like you are almost due for a 10 yr chip.

We didn’t love it, but I miss the old CFI format.

Tim, indeed. Mark that day Dec 06, 2009 :wink: