It's coming to your nearest workplace

So? I see this as a good thing and the U.S. should follow suit. You can’t work if your sick and its wrong to make others sick, possibly ruining their health or killing them. So get vaccinated or no job.

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Should be in place now

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I agree, but too many stupid people who don’t even care about themselves. They think they can run around and not get sick nor do they care about anyone else.

Italians barely work anyway. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


In France vaccine is mandatory for all workers who are in contact with the public, health workers among them.

Those who refuse are suspended from work with no pay.

Health pass is mandatory for every one who wants to go to restaurant, cinema and so, even hospitals if it is not an emergency.

There are demonstrations every Saturday but 50 000 000 of people living in France are vaccinated, from 66 000 000.


I hear that in France the unvaccinated must undertake a covid rapid test and PAY for it to enter public places

It soon will be true from the 15th of October, except if the test is prescribed by a doctor for a medical reason.

Tests cost much to the welfare system. People who don’t want to be vaccinated may, but must bear the consequences. To update your pass, you must test every 3 days.

Vaccine is free.

In fact, i pity the people who don’t want to be vaccinated because they are the toys of fools and crooks who ear n money selling untruths.

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