It's been the elephant in the room for decades. What has? What do you think?

Someone brought up the “elephant in the room” which inspired me to toss together my quickie list,
though I’m sure with some reflection it will change quite a bit.
I’m making this it’s own thread because I want to invite some of my pals to give it a shot.
What do you think the elephants in the room are
when it comes to considering the state of USA and planet for that matter.

The US has an illegal immigrant problem. It's been the elephant in the room for decades.
That is mighty myopic V.

I’d like to suggest that the Elephants in the Room are more along the lines of:

... the fact that we have a system that has become totally focused on maximizing profit, and creative ways of making new profits. … minimizing responsibility, Externalizing as many costs as possible, … profits is all that matters … too much is never enough … the in ability to understand basic math, the reality of compounding interest and time … too many people frozen into dogmatic religious bullshit and taking themselves way, way the fuck too seriously … the KoolAid of Reaganomics and neoconservative AmericaFirst fantasies … On a psychological level, the total disengagement with our Mother Earth and the natural processes that have created us and this world we inhabit and depend on for our wellbeing and happiness ..nothing but contempt for that sentiment. ……. our ability to ignore real in your face news from all over the world ……. our ability to ignore educated, experienced, accomplished experts who have dedicated their lives to understand the processes, when they are explaining to us what they observe and what they have learned … the adulation of Hollywood, Hollyworld projections and pretending we need to live those lives and characters, and forgetting all about the progressing years of our own live and families

Oh yeah, I didn’t even mention dependence on ever increasing consumption and planned obsolescence,
psik, you can fill in the details. :wink:
Maddy is restless, scratching at my leg and I gotta take her for that walk.

I think the biggest elephant in the room is the fact there are no true free societies based on democracy and equality. That includes the US.

We have a big orange-haired elephant wreaking havoc in the room as we speak.