Greed not good

A friend of mine reminded of this article from a couple years ago. It’s a good time to review how we got here, oligarchy wise.


So, you know who James Buchanan is? Not the President, the guy who helped the Koch brothers.

Thanks, Lausten. It’s good to know about an individual who was so involved in our de-evolution from democracy to oligarchy.

Seems to me that he was way successful in promoting his view of life and society. It would behoove everyone to read the link you gave.

This Buchanan monstrosity believed that “Each person seeks mastery over a world of slaves…” And that is probably the attitude of most who want to be our Oligarchs.

Surely, what we are facing now is a nexus point. Will the enslavement to the lower classes and castes become complete?

Seriously, everyday now, appears to be part of a possible dystopian future.

But getting our country out of T rump’s hands would be a great (and necessary) first step toward a less dystopian future.