Israel/Gaza question

Perhaps after reading the Hamas Charter you could come back here and with some authority tell us again "that the biggest lie about HAMAS is that it wants to destroy Israel." :bug:
Are we sure Hamas even has an active charter? Sir Jeremy Greenstock however argued that Hamas has not adopted its charter as part of its political program since it won the Palestinian legislative election, 2006. Instead it has moved to a more secular stance.
How is what Israel is doing to the Palestinians in Gaza any different than what the Nazis did to the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto? Which one is an immoral act? Lois
There is no difference except in scale. Both are Zionist and Nazis are political parties that are/were backed by religious groups. Both are racially motivate. The Zionist want the biblical lands that god promised them. And that takes up four times more land than they have control of already. That is why Israel has and will never define its boarders or stop it’s wars. Even though the UN and everyone has been asking Israel to define it’s boarders for decades. The biggest lie about Hamas is that it wants to destroy Israel. That lie is over twenty years old. It has now been Hamas’ policy for some time that Hamas has no problem with Israel, or the existent of the state of Israel as defined by the UN. Its problem is with the Zionist and the Zionist goal to take over lands claimed by the bible and it has the bible's OK to slaughter people and take their land. The Europeans and most of the rest of the world seen to understand this, the Americans do not. Until a year ago the Jewish nation was located in America. There are just now as many Jews in Israel as America. As they say, "the proof is in the pudding". Meaning, all one as to ask themselves, "is the Zionist acting and doing things like the Nazis did?" When was the last time you read the Hamas Charter? :-O I have not read the Hamas Charter. I got this information from an interview with the Hamas leader on TV. And heard it again in an interview with the West Bank leader, again on TV. It was explained that the Palestinian people have no trouble or problem with the Israeli people or Israel, their problem is with the Zionist Party. Maybe we should read the Zionist Charter. If we cannot find their charter, we can follow the parties’ actions over the last several decades and have a good idea of their goals. Just like Germany, no one seem to have problems with the German people, but they had a lot of problems with the Nazi Party. After the war, 5 million people left Germany and 5 million people moved into Germany. If the problem was with the German people, how could 5 million people move to live with them? And who would have accepted the 5 million who moved out of Germany? Perhaps after reading the Hamas Charter you could come back here and with some authority tell us again "that the biggest lie about HAMAS is that it wants to destroy Israel." :bug: If your country had a large part of it requisitioned by a foreign power who then gave it to a religious group (lets say Muslims) and Muslims from all over the world were invited and helped to settle there and lots of money poured in to help them create a military and to expand and grow and they closed off access to you and set up blockades, stopping your country from trading and receiving goods, and bombing your homes, schools and hospitals and trapping killing your countrymen, you and your countrymen might want to destroy that country, too. Or would your country just roll over and play dead? Lois