ISO : lost UFO book

I’m looking for a particular book on UFOs that I owned back in my mid-twenties. I’ve already done cursory keyword searches using terms descriptive of the content and searched through pages of results without luck. Hoping someone here can help?

I bought this book from a used bookstore in Toronto back in the mid-90’s. I believe it was published in the mid-to-late 80’s. It was a small, thick paperback of maybe 400-500 pages. As I recall it had a red coloured cover, but it was quite a white ago so I could be mistaken.

The core content of this book was a semi-comprehensive list of credible reported sightings data (that had remained unexplained after investigation) from all over the world, categorized and separated by country. As I recall each reported listing included data for year, time, location and a brief description/synopsis of pertinent events. Some entries consisted of only a short descriptive paragraph, while others were multiple paragraphs in length.

The list by country may have been in ascending order of date, but I’m no longer 100% certain of that. As I recall, there was little to no editorialization… just the facts and description of the encounters.

I feel like there was maybe a number in the title… perhaps something like “1000 or 750 Worldwide UFO Sightings”, or something of that nature, but again could be mistaken.

Any help in rediscovering this book would be greatly appreciated.