I am an atheist and a humanist. I live in Jersey and work in NYC. My religious arc started me out as a believer, then an agnostic and finally an atheist. I am interested in theology and have studied the world’s major religions. I also have an interest in philosophy.
One of the things I wonder about is the basis of morality grounded on humanitarian principles only, whether it’s relative or universal, and how to lead a good life without having to resort to scriptures for inspiration and validation.
I hope to make friends here and engage in good discussion. I recently started a blog :

Welcome to the forum; looking forward to your posts.

Welcome positaque. I think you’ll enjoy it. Feel free to jump into any conversations that interest you.

Hi there! I’m a newbie here. I’m Nicole Allen Breese. Nice to meet you. :slight_smile:

Hi there! I'm a newbie here. I'm Nicole Allen Breese. Nice to meet you. :)
Welcome' jump right in.