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I am free to ask questions and you cant be more engaging then asking a question of what was previously said and you cant be more disengaging then telling someone go away and do your own research.

The term is too broad, if someone asked, “what’s wrong with your brain”, that’s clearly a question, and clearly trolling. I explained Write4U in the original thread.

especially: Any thread here may only be responded to by the originator of that thread and Moderators or Administrators.

If that question was in response to “there is something wrong with my brain” how is that trolling??? Think

Keep in mind, in this thread, I am acting as moderator, you might want to review the rules.

I’m sure there is some scenario where “what’s wrong with you” is an appropriate question, but that’s hardly the point. I can’t tell what your point is, because your post would be a very weird response to my (hypothetical, example of a) question.

And this is such scenario where it’s appropriate . Claiming you dont understand when its bleeding obvious what was being asked and applying george orwell double speak stating that asking a question is not engaging behaviour is your tactic in trying to defend or gloss over your friends actions .

Okay well, i think we’re done here

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