I watched it on TV, gotta be true. Living within a post honesty reality.



Living in a QAnon’s down stream world.



Personal responsibility was brought up towards the end of that. What concept.


Then for those who like their poison strong, there’s the new news leader, move over Fox. Or . . .

Newsmax the hatred and the self inflicted insanity multiplier.


The King of Trump TV Thinks You’re Dumb Enough to Buy It

By Ben Smith, Nov. 29, 2020

Chris Ruddy, the C.E.O. of Newsmax, has found a business opportunity in feeding Trump supporters the fantasy that the president could still win the election.

…I asked an amused former Clinton aide to dredge this correspondence out of an old box because Mr. Ruddy, a Long Island-born 55-year-old, has emerged as the most audacious media entrepreneur of the Trump election fantasy. The chief executive of Newsmax and part of President Trump’s South Florida social circle, Mr. Ruddy has capitalized on the anger of Mr. Trump’s supporters at Fox News for delivering the unwelcome news, first in Arizona and then nationally, that Mr. Trump had lost his re-election campaign. On Newsmax, however, the fight is still on, the imaginary election-altering Kraken is yet to be released, Mr. Trump is striving valiantly for four more years and the ratings are incredible.

Newsmax’s prime-time ratings, which averaged 58,000 before Election Day, soared to 1.1 million afterward for its top shows, with one host, Greg Kelly, cheerleading on Twitter and on the air for “the QUEST TO COUNT all the LEGAL VOTES.” The ratings even drew a congratulatory call from Mr. Trump himself, my colleagues Michael Grynbaum and John Koblin reported last week. …




Chris Ruddy and Newsmax went all-in on Trump. Now they might pay a price for it.

By Sarah Ellison, Jonathan O’Connell and Josh Dawsey, May 6, 2021

www. washingtonpost. com/lifestyle/ruddy-newsmax-trump/2021/05/05/32b09714-9d32-11eb-9d05-ae06f4529ece_story. html

… A bit of showmanship that Ruddy might relate to.

Newsmax’s visibility rose during the Trump era in no small part because Ruddy’s did. In numerous news stories that were often built on the accounts of unnamed Trump aides and allies, Ruddy was the rare associate willing to lend a colorful quote with his name attached. Through sheer ubiquity — and a strategically public presence at Trump’s clubs — he cultivated a brand name as a Trump “insider” — though advisers to the former president maintain Ruddy was never as close to the man as he led people to believe.

Along the way, he presented an image of his small television operation as a David poised to overcome the Goliaths of cable news — and perhaps even join forces with the Trump family.

Yet Ruddy’s attempts to attach himself to Trump, and ingratiate himself with Trump’s base, have landed him in legal jeopardy. …


When winning means everything, you can bet there’s trouble ahead. Then the damage is done, and it’s all about mop up.