I think it's time for a new phrase in our lexicon

I think it’s a fitting time to add a new phrase to the American lexicon to really celebrate all that Donald Trump has stood for this last 4 years.

Trump the rules - An attempt to modify rules, sometimes drastically and often through false narrative, to favor one’s self when expected or actual results appear unfavorable. This is usually accompanied by claims that the trumped rules will be more “fair” while the opposite is always true.

Synonyms: Moving the goalpost


“You can’t just trump the rules because you’re losing.”

“He only won because he trumped the rules.”

“The only way you could possibly win the election is by trumping the rules.”

“Republicans are constantly trying to trump the rules with election law.”

Hmm, maybe something more fitting like “Wow he really took it in the trump!” Or “Those Republicons just sit around and scratch their trumps all day instead of legislating.” That kinda thing.

That’s more of a direct insult than a descriptive of Trump’s actual actions, but it does rhyme with “rump”. I like it.

Except that Trump never had a real trump card in his hand and all of his winnings were done by bluffing.

Interestingly that game of poker is called Texas hold 'em. Seems Texans have developed a liking for that game.

There’s a term that came up on another board that I like.
Kind of mash-up reference to a dumpster fire, and a not so smart person, rhymes with fire truck
Usually used as an adjective or noun, but it works well as a verb too

“There goes a trumpster#!%k with a Let’s Go Brandon bumper sticker”

The previous administration really trumpsterf$!#ked our nations reputation in the world