Commander in Cheat

That is the title of a newly released book that goes deep into Donald’s cheating in golf. Typically, personal accountability and honesty is expected by golfers, as it is a game that has no referees. Donald is a persistent cheater. His actions in golf are indicative of his character defects. And clearly the office of the Presidency has revealed some of the same character deficits that his golf play reveals.


I really enjoy playing many different games for fun. I never cheat. I can’t imagine it being fun if I cheated. Sometimes I lose at games. That’s ok. The weird thing with our POTUS cheating at golf is that he is a decent golfer for his age. IOW, he could win sometimes, maybe often times, without cheating, but he regularly cheats anyway.

Maybe I am naive. Maybe half of the ppl in the world are just fine with cheating. Personally, I don’t get it.

I imagine that our current POTUS’s change of stance, re: he wants to release his tax returns, but has to wait until the audit is over, to legally attempting to insure that his tax returns are NEVER released, is most probably because he has cheated on them. He cannot help himself from cheating and lying. It is at the core of who he is. So odds are he did it on his taxes.

I’m a gamer too (board games only), and cheating is nonexistent in any circle of gamers I know of.

Hearing that Trump cheats at golf (or anything) is about as amazing as hearing that fish can swim.

Didn’t Hillary say something about this in the debate, and he interrupted and said he was actually using all the laws to his advantage, and claimed that is the smart thing to do? This is what people value now.

Yes he said in the debates that it would be smart to avoid paying taxes. I assumed that he meant thru legal loopholes, but knowing him better, now, I would say that legal loopholes would not be enuf for him. He cheats when there is no apparent reason to cheat. I think he would be compelled by his personality to cheat beyond the level of what is legal on his taxes.

This would not be unprecedented. Nixon famously said “I am not a crook.” His tax returns were checked out and he wound up having a large amount of money to be paid that he had not accounted for.