I heard back from Bart Ehrman! (Also: Twitter)

For those of you who follow Bart Ehrman … to read and comment on his full blog, there is an annual cost with all proceeds going to charity.

But he has a limited number of scholarships available if you contact him & explain your situation. So I did, and I got one! Yay!

I thought participating there could really help as I develop my own blog and “brand.”

And speaking of that, I have over 1,000 followers on Twitter as @TeeBryanToo, but I created a new account just for this topic. I don’t think anyone here is on Twitter, but just in case … please follow me there at @BabyHumanist. Thanks!


Baby Humanist - cute.

His site has been a great asset for www.milepost100.com. There is not as much discussion on his page but given the entry “fee” it stays pretty well on topic and his responses often add clarity. Maybe see you there.


Baby Humanist – cute.

I came up with it for my first blog on this topic back in 2015, and I’m surprised no one else called themselves that, since “baby Christian” is a well-known thing.


good luck, Tee.


Thank you!


I have tons and tons and tons of stuff on Quora, and a couple thousand followers there. But it is a very unfriendly format for sharing.