Gofundme For Gay Egyptian Atheist!

Hi All!
This is my first post here. The reason for my post is to try to spread the word about a Gofundme campaign that is very near and dear to my heart. My friend, Troy Garnaut, is trying to help a gay Egyptian atheist (Mohamed Hisham) escape from Egypt because his life is in danger after he appeared on a TV show and publicly admitted he was an atheist. Today Sam Harris tweeted about the campaign and it gave us a much needed boost, however, we still need a little over $4,000. Mr. Hisham’s journey will be very expensive, so we are trying to raise $10,000 for him to cover all of his costs as he travels to safety. It would be lovely if Secular Rescue could help fund the rest. Does anyone here have any connections to anyone at the top? If so, I would be very grateful. The situation is very dire and we need to get Mr. Hisham to safety ASAP. Please have a look at the campaign and feel free to share it far and wide! Thank you so much for your time!