How would you explain a sight like this?

How would you explain a sight like this? (Photo: Sergey Anisimov via The Siberian Times) ? ? ?

Some version of the Northern Lights would be my first guess.

Some version of the Northern Lights would be my first guess.
The band above the horizon is the aurora. The ball, something else... :)

It probably has something to do with moisture in the air and changing weather patterns but being over Siberia it may just be Putin blowing his normal hot air.

Keanu Reeves space ship. LOL
That is the interesting thing about reality now. With so many cheap camera devices everywhere so much more improbable phenomenon can be caught and shown to everyone. Like that meteor that came down over Russia and caught on car cams from numerous angles.

It looks to me like a mirage of a city. I see tall rectangular buildings within the circle.
This is not magical in any sense. We can observe mirages in the desert, or on the ocean, in fact we have observed upside down mirages, a form of inverted mirage.

How would you explain a sight like this? (Photo: Sergey Anisimov via The Siberian Times) ? ? ?
Heck I forgot all about this. I'm surprised . . . . Center of Inquiry indeed. :long: :down:
Giant glowing orb appears over Siberia Social media erupts with alien invasion theories — until a more sensible explanation emerges. BRYAN NELSON October 27, 2017 Amidst the panic, one inquisitive photographer, Alexey Yakovlev, quietly guessed the true cause of the phenomenon: "It seems I accidentally shoot the launch of a secret space rocket from Plesetsk," he wrote. Indeed, official word from the Russian Defense Ministry later confirmed that the event was caused by a test launch of the country's much-hyped Satan 2 Topol-M rocket. In fact, a series of publicized intercontinental ballistic missile tests were performed throughout the day, from Plesetsk in the west to the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia’s furthermost eastern point. It's true that rocket launches at night can create some fascinating light illusions in the sky once they reach into the upper levels of the atmosphere. So, it would seem that the mystery has been solved, though perhaps the real explanation is even more ominous than our wildest, albeit imagined, fears.

Sorry guys. I’m actually a rather nice friendly guy - it’s just the general torpor around here drives me crazy,
so I probably come across more harsh than I mean to.
But the thing is, I believe the general apathy around here is a very real barometer of what’s going on in our country’s overall population.
All these people look in, but so few have a thing to share.
Like no one wants to think or debate or challenge themselves and others, or to simply communicate with others from across the country.
Isn’t that what this internet thing was supposed to be all about?

We’re just easing our way along, half of our country is doing its best to Normalize Trump and all he stands for, and the other half, where are they?
Texas was not a good indicator.
I always did love saying go with the flow, but this is ridiculous, particularly since that flow is in a very bad direction.