How to observe Memorial Day?

This has always been a tough day to process for me.
On the one hand I have boundless respect for the men and women, their training, their team work, their commitment to each other, their willingness to give the ultimate sacrifice. For them and their personal actions I bow my head with respect, appreciation and sorrow at their untimely deaths and demolished bodies.
But when I hear the jingoism about how our armed forces have made our nation safer, my stomach turns, because it’s such an utter lie. Why not be honest, glorify the economic need to continue our wars and “conflicts” and lets not forget our increasing reliance on drone attacks, an ultimately cowardly act that sanitizes war for the perpetrators, thus making it palatable for all the flag wavers. War is Jobs, yippee :down:
In my life I witnessed the Vietnam war which history shows we created, it had next to no justification other than corporate interests and war profiteers, (oh okay, lets not forget the sketchy domino hysteria). Then Bush, Cheney’s war of convince and profit, which was an utter global disaster that guaranteed our world would become an ever more hostile uglier place and ensured that American’s greatness would slip away, as it has.
So what’s left? Praise the pawns and condemn the leaders and childish jingoism?
Oh and what about the real monster stalking humanity - the one flag wavers totally refuse to recognize though the evidence is everywhere? Oh yeah, that bit of willful ignorance and denial has to do with our general intoxication with consumption and Americans’ general rejection of down to Earth physical reality.