How to nuke a thread

This was supposed to be an attempt at a serious conversation about how we got to be who we are.
The story of evolution and all that.
However I believe the Archbishop has irrevocable derailed my intent - and since this is my thread, I will exercise my opinion to remove it.
I’ll bring it up again at some future date.
Cheers all.

BBC Your Inner Fish An Evolution Story - Your Inner Reptile - Neil Shubin
If useless gutter rejoinders and putdowns is what you're after, might I suggest going over to SkepticForum

“V” were reptiles and they were quite advanced. They would have been quite content had we given them a sufficient amount of lettuce.

Impressive. And here I thought science disproved evolution.
Oh. Wait a minute. That was someone else.
This is really cool. Yet another piece of the evolutionary puzzle. I agree, it is far more fascinating than Bronze Age myths.

Krauss, your provocative posts have been interesting, I haven’t formed any opinion of you, although after seeing your rejoinder to my attempt to start a conversation, if pressed I’d say you were an interesting intelligent fellow, perhaps having read too many comic books for your own good, but other than that a fun new presence here.
But, this thing crosses a line into the sort of malicious juvenile derailment that’s nothing but destructive (to serious conversation.) What I love about this forum is that it’s made up of serious intelligent people, banter, sarcasm all sorts of stuff is okay, but there’s still some constructive dialogue going on.
But that garbage . . . really (in my best valley girl) ???
If this is the stuff you like go to Skeptic Forum - where derailing conversations with oh so cute rejoinders is the name of the game.