How to Get Rid of a Dictator

You can find anything on the Internet. I typed in “How to get rid of a dictator” and wah-lah!

Bookmark it. Insurgency (hopefully non-violent) is our lives now. Unless you can bring yourself to tongue fluff Dictator Don John’s A-hole or think that you can just hide away.

All those things could work or it could get protestors killed or land you in prison like Pussy Riot in Russia ended being. I like Pussy Riot, but being in a dictator’s prison isn’t a good experience, I’m sure.

Yet these are the times in which we must choose to face those fears. I would prefer to avoid that responsibility …

“So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” Tolkien

Tim, have you ever thought about seeing a psychiatrist?

Tim would see Mriana. She is a psychologist who shares Tim’s views. She would certify him sane if she has a PhD in clinical psychology and a license to practice.

Tim, have you ever thought about seeing a psychiatrist?
Why should he do that? Because he recognizes trump to be treasonous, narcissistic Russian Obligate - and can't bring himself to accept that as normal?

It’s funny your apparent hero trumpty-dumpty can’t get through a conversation without lying about anything and everything, because he can’t read past cartoon level and loves himself more than anything else, so can’t think beyond his own imagined immediate interest. Someone for whom honesty and integrity means nothing. NOW THAT IS THE PERSON IN NEED OF A PSYCHIATRIST. Heck, I’ll bet, not that I know, but it’s a hunch, even the guy looking back at you in the mirror probably needs a shrink more than Tim does.

Why should he do that? Because he recognizes trump to be treasonous, narcissistic Russian Obligate – and can’t bring himself to accept that as normal?
He seems to think we are in a dictatorship right now, which we clearly are not. The chronic stress he seems to be under can easily develop into an anxiety disorder. If I'm not mistaken you've been in that situation also.
thatoneguy said : He seems to think we are in a dictatorship right now, which we clearly are not.
What makes you think you are not living in a dictatorship right now? Give me one example where Trump recognizes the concept of "checks and balances".

The Ukraine affair is a clear example of the actions by a dictator, surrounded by a pack of unprincipled thugs and wholly exempt from any oversight powers afforded the other branches . You have heard the insane legal argument by Dershowitz in defense of the Trump’s actions. “If an action is good for the president it is good for the nation”. These words describe the actions of a supreme ruler (dictator), not a servant of the people subject to oversight.

And that picture is echoed by a whole bunch of psychologists and psychiatrists as being a typical exampe of clinical egocentric behavior.

I’m with Write4U in asking y’all what makes you think we aren’t living in a dictatorship currently. All the signs are there that we are. What makes you think the dotard is sane and TimB is not when a bunch of psychologists and psychiatrists have said that the dotard is not mentally stable?

Remember the old meme: “A President is NOT above the law.” ? Clearly, now, we have Don John T rump who IS ABOVE THE LAW. Hence he cannot be President. BECAUSE A President is NOT ABOVE THE LAW. Therefore he is something other than the President.

T rump has successfully undermined our government’s previous system of checks and balances. He has a “Justice” Department that is nothing but an extension of his perpetual campaign. He has obsequious lying toadies installed thru-out his govt, now. He cannot be indicted for breaking any federal laws. He cannot be effectively investigated for breaking any federal laws. (He can effectively block all testimony and documentation sharing in order to obstruct any investigation.) He can get away with withholding (congressionally determined) aid to other countries, in order to press for favors that will help him get re-elected. He basically legislates some things with his liberal use of Executive Orders. He can have personal toadies like Giuliani, constantly, effecting his personal shadow policies in Ukraine or wherever.

So am I the one who needs a psychiatrist? How about someone who thinks we are having government as usual? Is that someone really in touch with reality?

Oneguy, you think that the stress of having T rump destroying the system of government that I have lived in my entire life, has just been too much for me, and that I have gone insane. Well that would be something to go insane about. However, I haven’t gone insane. I arrived at my conclusions thru observation and rational analysis.

But to give you the benefit of the doubt, Oneguy, perhaps we could quibble about what constitutes a dictatorship. When will you recognize what we have now to be a dictatorship? When it is shown that Don John has stolen the 2020 election? Oops, then it’s too late to prevent the full transition to a T rump autocracy and an incontrovertible movement of the USA toward becoming a corrupt Russian Mafia style kleptocracy.



This is cool, though. I must be doing something right, if there is someone who is trying to defame me as being insane.

TimB, that’s because the dotard is a dic[tator], emphasis on dic.

This is hardly here or there, but before I retired, I worked in the Mental Health field just about all of my adult life. I was licensed as a Master’s level Psychological Associate. I worked with the title of Psychologist in some public service agencies. I have a Master’s of Science in Psychology (particularly in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis). I was one of the first Certified Behavior Analysts in my state. I don’t like to spread this info around, because I am retired and have not maintained licensure or certification and am no longer working in the field of mental health, and hence do not feel myself obliged to generally maintain the professional ethics considerations associated with those credentials.

So take my educational/occupational history for what it is. It does not mean that I am totally immune from becoming insane. In fact, I probably stayed with the work too long, to the point of occupational burn out. But I think I would have a clue if I were, in fact, completely bonkers.

I understand “bias” better than most average Joe’s. And I retain my ability to uniquely analyze human behavior and interactions.


I guess I’d be working under you, with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Sree doesn’t realize one needs more than a Bachelors to be a psychologist and with a bachelors one does the grunt work for those with Masters and Doctorates. I’m not working in the mental health field either. I saw too many horrors/sad stories as a Psych Tech in hospitals and mental health facilities. You’re right though about the mental health of those working in the field. I worked under a charge nurse who had bipolar and for a psychologist who had an eating disorder herself and a psychiatrist who had depression too. I found it disturbing to be looking for a patient on the ward for a group session. The charge nurse told me, “She’s probably with the doctor. Go ahead and do your group.” When I finished my group, they were dragging her out of the day bathroom, crying and screaming. They had to take her down to the E.R. because she took a plastic spoon and slit her wrists and the inside of her elbows. When she returned, they put her in the “rubber room”, looking like a football, and only getting finger foods, until it was thought she could be trusted with plastic spoons again. I don’t know why the hospital didn’t use metal spoons. That was one of the last things I could handle and I left the field, with burn out.

Oh yeah. Except for in certain public agencies I could not be deemed a “psychologist”. At just a Master’s degree level, I could not become a Licensed Psychologist, only a Licensed Psychological Associate (which typically would require working under a Licensed Psychologist). I could work independently, however, as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

And to your point about professionals in the field who have their own mental health problems, it happens.

It all happens and you get the working under someone too. One has to work their butt off in college and get a doctorate degree or they don’t get to do much in the field.

Depression is the common cold of mental health.

He seems to think we are in a dictatorship right now, which we clearly are not.
No but we have an absolutist political party, rapidly evolving into totalitarians and unless something changes, that dictatorship will come.

It’s happened before, to better people than we have devolved into.

I am not standing down from my assertion that Don John is a dictator, now. At what point does the mantle of “dictator” become actualized? If he is not a dictator now, he is well on his way, and the point at which he gets there could come and go, without persons like Oneguy, even recognizing it.

America goes on today, much like other days. But it is not like other days. > Days when we had POTUS’s who were NOT ABOVE THE LAW.

Of course, it’s what’s happening behind the Iconoclastic Clown on the stage - that’s what’s really insidious and playing for keeps.

Dictatorship can take on many faces.

Somethings being brewed up by the Murdochs, Mercers, Kochs and that whole incestuous crowd of ultra-rich masters of the universe, and their minions creating a world for their own self-interest in disregard of all else, including down to Earth geophysical facts.

$ = votes, and $ = beholden politicians controlling fake news and the story line.

Oh and then to add another twist to our coming future computer technology, Artificial Intelligence, fantastical camera and facial recognition abilities, massive data storage and processing abilities - Damn, somehow just don’t see how this can possibly go well, especially is a society where people don’t take responsibility for their mistakes and everything is some else’s fault. I today’s social situation in this country reminds me of big restaurants full of college employees where ego and testosterone runs the show. Well, if you let it. Then with … you know … for the past decades, here we are today with this trump worship, and Democrats who too often come off …

Since I don’t have time for this and my opinions is only that, here’s some relevant reading. To offer a sort of evolutionary perspective. Make up your own mind




and the point at which he gets there could come and go, without persons like Oneguy, even recognizing it.
Well, they've already show that beyond all doubt - jez, the criminality they've normalized with such casual disregard under this monster, proves that!