What is the core meaning of Fascism?

CNN says Fascism is generally defined as a political movement that embraces far-right nationalism and the forceful suppression of any opposition, all overseen by an authoritarian government. Fascists strongly oppose Marxism, liberalism, and democracy, and believe the state takes precedence over individual interests.

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Either way, don’t cry if people disagree with you, just feel warm knowing that no matter how low you go on this forum, that you’ll never succeed to my levels. I am a top-tier bottom baby! I’m the bottom totem holding them all!

Fascism is a totalitarian ideology.

The difference between an authoritarian state and a totalitarian state is easy to understand:

In an authoritarian state, the state wan ts to be obeyed and press any divergent political opinion.

In a totalitarian state, the state want that the citizen actively support it and its ideology. Moreover it wants to control every aspect of the life of the people, any of their thoughts. Read 1984 from Orwell to understand.

Moreover, a totalitarian state needs enemies and want to build a " new man". It means that the ones who don’t agree are depicted as enemies of the people and must be exterminated.

Nowadays, China is a totalitarian state or becoming one.

that’s the typology. Now it is true that, in our world and in history, some authoritarian states share some traits of totalitarian states.

I don’t use lightly the terms of fascism and totalitarianism.

That describes the Repugs to a tee.

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and if you change that last line: and believe that the leader takes precedence over individual interests

you have trumpism. Though they won’t tell you that the lemming followers mean nothing to the grand poo-bah beyond their worship of him.

That goes for the crowds in the stands as well as his yes-men on his staff.

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Fascism is essentially total forced devotion to the state.

America has never had anything remotely like fascism.

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“Worship Me!
I am the America First president”
Make America Great Again

Whipping up nationalism. Requiring total devotion from his staff.

I’d say that remotely resembles fascism.

Nobody was forced to worship Trump.

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Or maybe it’s just a way you see others that disagree with you. I’ve never voted Republican ever in my life and I’ve voted Democrat over half the time in my life, yet I’m sure you ASSUME that I’m some right-wing Nazi. I see you no different than any other extremist.

It’s pretty simple, those who see the extremes in others, are the extremes in themselves.

That can be true, in some cases, but not always. I beware of this sort of sentence apparently evident.

f I say that Stalin and Hitler supporters were extremists, that does not make me one of them .

All supporters of Trump are not extremists, but nowadays, many are. Independently, a white extremist is an extremist, a christian fundamentalist is an extremist in his opinions. That does not mean they are extremists in their behaviors and will be terrorists.

I get your point, and it was well taken, but I was referring to this on a more personal level. People like Hitler and Stalin are pretty easy to recognize as extreme figures by the majority of the population, but there was an old saying I heard 20+ odd years ago, “When you point at someone, you’re always having three fingers pointing back at you”. Back some 20+ years ago I had a supervisor that was going through his internship to becoming a Psychologist. I loved talking to the guy since I’ve always had an interest in understanding human nature. He threw this word at me, “Projective Identity” and from then on I became a little more self-aware of my actions, and the actions of others.

In France, in school playgrounds, children say " the one who says is the one who is "

I understand what you mean and I get your point. It can be true in some cases.

But, in my mind, that can be false very often .

Thank you (even if it is 3 days late)

It brings back my point that the people who hold these extreme views are the extremes. I don’t think they’ll ever see it. You can’t put emotions above reasoning.

It’s tribalism on both sides (Dumbocrat and Repugnant) and yet people who are in the middle get screwed.