"Homeopatic pedants"

Just read an article here:
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Tried to google those pedants and like this was not much fun to me …
The device which is used to measure the “energy of pedants” is clearly a geiger counter, so… the pedants are for sure radioactive.

Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant. Sounds exciting. With a sciencie name like that, how can it not help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have been examining the topic a bit deeper.
The “Ion Tester 3010” costs up to 2000 dollars. What ever it is supposed to test, its construction looks like a geiger counter, yet manufacturer denied it can be used that way.
For the source of the radioactivity in those pedants, there are two possibilities.
a) Natural occurrence of uranium oxide in volcanic rocks.
b) Contamination from Fukushima powerplant.
You might know that in the reactors, water used as a coolant, dissolved into hydrogen and oxygen due to high pressure, temperature and thermal isolation. One of the reactors exploded as a result.
Following video proves that the pendants dont emit just harmless alpha particles:
Apparenlty there are multiple variations of the pedants on the market.
“Original” Japan ones seems to be the most radioactive, emitting gamma rays up to 9000 CPM. Usually are “graded” at 1500, 3000, 4500, 7000 or more CPM, while its assumed “the more the better”.
“Fake” but still seemingly volcanic pedants emit mostly alpha particles and are sub 500 CPM.
Those were mostly manufactured outside Japan in south-eastern Asia.

Following video proves that the pendants dont emit just harmless alpha particles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFvv0bvwpKI&t=3s
Not so funny when looked at that way. Thanks for sharing that video link.

But to calm things down:
This pendant was measured to have 0.25-0.4 microsieverts per hour, which is completely safe dose. You can get higher dose from eating seaweed. However the guy always measure Rontgens or Sieverts, and its not known the “grade” of that specific pendant. According to previous video it seems to be much less radioactive (but its just an estimation based on “counting beeps”).
Assuming you get one of the real ones which has at least 1500 CPM and 0.75-1,2 microsieversts per hour, you are still safe
If you get one which is graded lets say 5000 cpm and you get 2,5-4.0 microsieverts per hour you are still safe, however at this situation, ambient radiation might become a factor.
In Canada you get 3500 microsieverts on average per year from all sources. A pendand graded to 5000CPM migt give 35000 alone, which is 10x more.
Yet there is still a lot of factors.

If you get one
Nah, I'm certainly not interested - didn't even know the ridiculous things existed until this thread. My health plan is, stay active, eat good food, but not too much. Been working pretty well for me, so I'll stick with that and leave the gimmicks for the gullible.