History meanings

«History is not here for you to like or dislike, it is there for you to learn from it, and if it offends you even better, because you are less likely to repeat it. It is not for you to erase or destroy, it belongs for all of us. »

I found that on the net. My first reaction was to agree fully to it.

After looking around, I saw that it was used by southerners to fight the removal of secession war monuments.

In my opinion, that does not invalidate the sentence, but it sheds on it a particular light.

And it reminds a story i read some time ago : " As Django unchained was made, Di Caprio has to use the word N… and he was unable to act the sequence properly. During a rest, the black actors came to him and asked him not to be afraid to use the word as they were conscious he was playacting and they would not be angry or choked if he did it rightly. "

And another one : " The daughter of a friend was studying in a USA university, and had to make a lecture about Tony Morrison. She choose to read an excerpt in which the author uses the word N… and she choose to speak it fully, to better restitue the intents of the author. She was harassed and boycotted for the remaining months of the year. "

I would like to know your ideas.

Incidentally, i suggested a forum reserved for history topic. It seems to me as worth of one as religion of philosophy.

[GREENWOOD: Confederate statues can teach us a valuable lesson]

I saw something today about those historical figures belonging in museums, where the full context can be given, rather than in a park where they seem to be held up, venerated. The first is history, the second is confusing

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