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I just wana say hello, let make friend with me :smiley:



To make a friend you gotta be a friend.

Of course if you’re a bot or boiler room cipher its pointless

I received a private message earlier this week, not from this same person, who also wanted to be friends. He wanted to exchange email addresses so that he could send me his picture. The first thing I thought was that as soon as I clicked on that link, it would probably upload spyware into my computer, so I just told him that we could get to know one another on the forum first and see how that went. I haven’t heard from him again. You don’t like to be suspicious of people you only just met, but these are the times we live in.

Advocatus, right in line with that theme, a couple weeks ago there was a jaw dropping interview at Fresh Air. Turns out the manipulation is way worse than we think.

The 'Weaponization' Of Social Media — And Its Real-World Consequences

October 9, 2018


P.W. Singer and Emerson Brooking say social media has been manipulated to fuel popular uprisings and affect the course of military and political campaigns. Their new book is <i>LikeWar.</i>

I read the article, but I don’t use social media that much so I had no idea this was going on. It just goes to show that if there is any way a new technology can be used against you, someone will think of a way to do it.

I’m limited too, don’t even do FaceBook, every time I try checking it out, it turns me off, even though it would helped me try to reach more if I could figure it out and feel comfortable with it. Don’t twitter at all, nor any of the other stuff out there. That’s why its always such a shock to check up on the haps in the big bad world, and find out its even worse that I feared.

Speaking of shocking, I listen to FOX once in awhile, can only handle a couple minutes at a time, their circular thinking and their need to demonize Democrats is terrifying, its like they’ve convinced themselves liberals have no right to exist - I swear there’s a real hard-on among some for a genuine civil war in this country.

I don’t think the concept of American Pluralism means thing to them.

As for the Democrats, far as I can see they still seem to think all this is a game - at least they’ve sure been incapable of framing the problems . . . seems to me they rather think happy thoughts and talk past people, rather than actually directly engaging with what their driven enemies are saying.

Sure glad I’m out here in the outback of Colorado sitting pretty.


Excuse me for drifting, but hell, why not ;- )

No need to apologize, CC. I’ve been following the campaign for governor here in Georgia, between Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams. Every one of Kemp’s attack ads accuses Abrams of being “too Liberal”. That’s all he feels he has to do here in the South. And of course half of his attacks are outright lies.

I’m addicted to facebook. I don’t find it that much different from any other forum, except the people also post pictures of their food. Well, and ads and a few other annoying things. It often shows you a side of people that they don’t show face to face. Like how they base their opinions on the most ridiculous things. If it were just the whackos, that’d be fine, but for instance, the MAGA bomber. Someone found a post of his on facebook about a long time friend who apparently had a job in the CIA. It completely lacked detail, but since actual news shows and even politicians have spoke of deep state connections left-wing funding of conspiracies, it’s all they needed for “evidence”. It’s amazing how they ignore every other fact, like that the guy delivered pizza. When I try to interact with these people, they say things like, “well, it could be true”.