Well, trying to hang on to my previous accounts seems rather hopeless.

I wish I could have a private conversation with who every is in charge of the technical end of this blog. But of course, like so much else in today’s society everything is buried under layers of anonymity. grrrrrr

At the current time not even sure why I bother, guess old habits are hard to die. Besides, I have the feeling that anything better ain’t coming along in today’s fearful society, where willfully ignoring what’s happening is becoming the number one survival strategy for people on all sides. Not to mention our existential slippery sliddy slope is getting steeper faster than most everyone dares appreciate, and those that do, need to do a lot of spiritual mental gymnastics, to isolate that understanding from living our day to day lives. So what’s a unintelligent biological instinct driven animal supposed to do - carry on, same as it ever was, until it’s time to die. The future will take care of itself, if not us.

At lease we can perhaps have some interesting conversations while the time flies by.

@citizenschallengev4 I have it on good authority that the forum will have changes/upgrades/improvements. I’m hoping when they finish with upgrades to the forum everything will be fixed for the better. What I’m seeing behind the scenes of what they are doing, so far looks great, but looks aren’t everything.

Thank you, and true enough. ? But still there’s something very weird about what happened there and I would love to know more about it. Still, it is what it is, and I guess I’ve lost all my history again. So, yeah, I’m feeling grumpy, perhaps it’s simply too reminiscent of my entire writing enterprise. This too shall pass.



CC there is no reason for this board to have private conversations between members. Keymasters must be fully aware of all conversations held within the board to prevent any possible terrorist attacks. You may disagree, but I fully support censorship now.

What I see as a major problem about this board not allowing private messages is that it reeks of the command and control method of not allowing anyone to communicate within the forum from prying eyes. I’ve had this many times where I wanted to send a private message to Citizenschallenge, write4u, Mriana, and Lausten with personal questions. If I post these questions personally to each of these people on the forum then it makes it sound as though I’m calling them out to attack them. PM is VERY important to keep this form of communication between people without insulting them. As a protection for members being harassed, you could always authorize key master to review any questionable private message received by any other given member. I give a lot of crap to the moderators of this forum for the way things are run, but from Jerry, I had learned there’s a great deal of work that is involved in maintaining this forum with all the spam and such, so in that, I commend you both Lausten and Mriana for keeping things together. I think though you should add one more to help with the off hours when you’re both not on. Either CC or Write4U both could do a great deal to help you both to help maintain this forum, AND bring back the PM system. Of course, this is my personal observation regardless that both are not in favor of me in any way ?


Seriously though, I think they both have the dedication needed to remain vigilant to the rules.