Hey, have you noticed diehard "trump" signs coming down

Hey, a good news story.

I live in Colorado where our civility quotient remains better than too many other places in this country, still we have our share of heavy duty trump fans, as the sprinkling of ‘old soldier’ trump 2020 lawn signs makes plain.

So imagine how I felt yesterday driving past a rancher who was taking down his huge trump 2020 banner off his fence. My wife does the twitter thing and this morning she read a post from someone celebrating the same thing happening to a trump sign across the street from him. Best part there were about 300 comments, with many making the same observations from their neck of the woods.

Now that’s saying something. Eh yohe?

Maybe those taking down their dotard signs are realizing that he’s a criminal, a traitor, a would be dic[tator].

No he will rise again Donald Trump Jr. is coming.

Oh I hope not. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: