The Road to Perdition

In rare editorial statement, the NYRB publishes a photocritique of Trump’s military propaganda rally

Republican lawmaker urges Trump to declare himself Supreme Leader and ignore the Supreme Court

And Amerika yawns.

It’s taken me a while to let it soak in but Trump is exactly what most Americans want, or at least it’s normalized enough so they figure what difference does it make, just give me this day my daily bread and ask me no questions.

It isn’t what most Americans want, it’s what most Republicans want. Remember Hillary Clinton got 3 million more votes than TrumpAss got with Russian collusion and election rigging. We can only hpe that Republican voters get gotten some sense since 2016, but they probably won’t. They will continue to believe Trump’s lies and vote against their own interests. They will also spout morality and will vote for the most immoral and ignorant candidate possible, just as they did in 2016.