Herschel Walker - what's the play?

The RNC and other upper echelon Repubs aren’t stupid. So why would they support or even allow someone like Herschel Walker to run? Have they made the calculation that the damage he’s doing to the party (I told you Repubs are idiots) is less than having a useful stooge in Congress? Other thoughts?

I’m guessing his winning the primary was a surprise, so now they’re stuck with him… which is how I suspect they ended up with trump in 2016.

It’s who the voters chose…

Trump told GOP to jump and the GOP asked how high.
Hershel Walker is about as high as a candidate can get.

All of our clean air went to China.

… oh you mean those kids …

Well, I’m not allowed to talk about my service in the FBI…

…As a graduate of the University of Georgia - the best in these 52 states!!

Foootball been berry berry good to me!

52? Did Puerto Rico and Guam become states while I slept or are you quoting that orange creature?

The other one

The horror is that the guy will actually get votes. Though let’s hope he loses and goes away.

Paraphrasing the OrangeCreature-backed GOP Candidate for Georgia Senator : H. Walker

Truth doesn’t matter

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Ah yeah, that one…`
did you hear his latest joke?

Yeah and Georgia has one of the worst educational systems in the U.S. Mississippi is the worst. This guy puts even his own people to shame. If anyone votes for him, they should be ashamed of themselves. Only his mama would vote for him. Everyone else won’t, if they have any sense of self-respect.

They take “Obstructionist” to a whole other level

So what’s the RNC’s play here though? Useful idiot maybe? And btw I think that’s a common tactic in corp America, in some companies, not all of course. And that is, promote someone who’s unqualified for the job, knows they’re unqualified, so that they’ll just shut up and do as they’re told and take the big paycheck as the perq.

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