Here We Go again. Spirituality of Materialism

Here’s me, trying to figure it all out again. Lots of great input lately. This could be the one.
Gonna be busy for a few days, but you know I’ll be back.
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Here’s the phrase that I woke up with the other day,

My spirituality comes from the awareness of the accumulated knowledge of who we are and how we got here.

That knowledge has increased in accuracy tremendously over the last several centuries and it includes everything that came before, from our earliest common ancestor that looked up at sun being blotted out in the middle of the day and wondered why that happened.

To add a little to that:

Materialism means dealing with matter, inert matter.

When I say we came from matter, that sounds non-spiritual. Let’s not forget about energy. This body I inhabit (I’ll get back to that bit of language) generates energy. That’s why you can touch that screen and it responds.

It’ll be interesting where you take this.

I pulled out the paragraph about how people seem to be compelled to tell me that they know I don’t believe when they mention prayer or “god is energy” or whatever. I will put it in a later post, but I didn’t think it was a good lead. Anybody else get that? People just talking about their own feelings and then pointing to you and saying, “I know YOU don’t believe that, but I do”.