Hello, World!

I used to be a geologist. I was appointed to the U.S. Geological Survey by Jimmy Carter. I was un-appointed from the USGS by Ronald Reagan. I have a Master’s Degree in Theology and was involved in (Catholic) religious education for many years. This included four years spent working for the Archdiocese of Castries, St. Lucia, W.I. I am now a computer programmer.

If Jimmy liked you and Reagan didn’t, you must have something good going on.

Sounds like a good fit, not that we really a “type” here. Pretty random, as the kids say.

Too bad we don’t have a “Like” button, so we can endorse other’s comments.’ Tim gets another star. ;- )

Richard, I’m pure amateur but love evolution and geology, which I’ve been learning about for eeva, so at near 64 when I drive around the Southwest, I can actually understand much of what I’m looking at. It’s wonderful compared to the bewildered starstruck 24 year old driving into Silverton Colorado the first time in '79 - not to leave for six years, when we relocated south to the “banana belt” Durango area.)

With a little help from folks like James L. Sadd and his Earth Revealed series, which was a wonderful eye opener into the details behind and under the NationalGeographic glosses about Plate Tectonics I was familiar with. It primed me to better understand and appreciate the likes of Wayne Ranney and though it’s a different part of the country Nick Zentner <i>(awesome speaker - makes it look so easy - wish I could take a study course focused on his presentation style. Be fun if some folks around here would be into discussing it. So many subtlies and the way he deals with the crowd. Masterful. But like a magician you don’t see what he’s actually doing. I mean it’s so normal conversational, yet get up on a stage and try to repeat it yourself, . . .)</i>, and then of course living in the heart of the FourCorners a geologic wonderland in every direction helps the geology enthusiasm meter. I mean how many places can stand nose to nose with a 1.4 billion year unconformity, then go for a ~30 foot jump off a bridge into the rushing mountain river. :- )

Guess that a long way of inviting you to share some geology stories, I bet you’ve got a raft-trip’s worth of 'em. Please do share, bet you’ll find a receptive audience here. I think a lot of us old timers here would love something interesting, offsides of political la de da, or not, the intersections are everywhere aren’t they.

Richard, what were you doing with the Geologic Survey back in the Carter days?


Bonus to anyone that can name that place :- )

Oh hell, just fact checked myself, looks like it’s been down graded to 1,2oo to 1,300 million year unconformity. I’m still impressed.