New to SI forum - not to SI

Hello all:

I’ve been a subscriber and reader of Skeptical Inquirer for almost its entire existence. I consider myself a rational (scientific) skeptic, a true agnostic and identify as a secular humanist. Nearing 67, I’m a retired Professional Land Surveyor, husband of 39 years, father of two sons, and we have a grandson. oh, yeah… US citizen of the state of Ohio.

I’m familiar with forums associated with “progressive” and alternative sites and it will take me awhile to get used to how this site is organized. If you take note of the date of this posting, you’ll realize it is about 2 weeks into the coronavirus reaction/response here in the States. The stuff going around on many sites is so whacked, that I decided to finally avail myself of SI’s digital presence and see what the rational skeptical (hopefully) community was talking about. re some other forums: It’s like taking a course in human psychology you really didn’t want to take and you’re sure you’re going to fail.

Vince Lawrence

Have fun, Vince. I imagine that I will enjoy your participation.

Yes welcome and have fun.

Thank you both for your welcoming words. I’ve been going through some of the existing threads to try to get familiar with some of the regulars here. Not sure what I expected from a site associated with SI and CFI, and as with any site, I try to keep an open mind. The photo associated with my account is my younger son when he was about 5yrs old. I had some time off and he and I took a short camping trip to Watkin’s Glen, NY, a place that would have amazed my young mind. Off-season, and we practically had the gorge to ourselves.

Awesome! Thanks for the nudge. Love learning about interesting places and their geologic origins. I bet it must have been special having it to yourself.

Looks like a beautiful place. With a fascinating geology.