Devout Christian Questioning

Until recently, I’ve always been a devout Christian. I’ve been questioning my faith lately due to personal reasons. I’m here to learn about your beliefs. Hi.

Hello and welcome Christian1.
Ask anything, but could you elaborate on your situation?

Yes, wecome to the CFI Forum. I think you’ll find we have a lot of different beliefs around here, though most of us are agnostic or atheistic. Perhaps you can outline how you’ve been questioning your faith, either here or in a different thread. That may help folks here know which beliefs to discuss and how.

Hello Christian1. I’m looking forward to your future posts. What led you to this site and what is your church affiliation: Protestant, Catholic?
Cap’t Jack

Welcome Christian1,
Looking forward to your posts.

Welcome to the boards!
Take care,

Jump in and join the discussions. Many of us have traveled the same road.

Hmmm, did we scare you away? :confused: