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I am a Buddhist Sci Fi Writer who is a practicing Secular Buddhist. I have a website drdamma.com if you are interested. I was a Buddhist minister, but wanted to explore the teachings of Gotama (The Historical Buddha). I am interested in the relationship between Buddhist practice and scientific practice.

Welcome to CFI. I don’t know anything about Buddhism and science practices, but my son might know. He says he practices Buddhism.

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I’m not much into fiction and my first pages weren’t doing it, was getting ready to leave but, “Ok, Lets Talk about the Alt Left” caught my eye,

so I took a peak,

The Alt-right defines the Alt-left’s plan as something to be feared and exposed. The idea that advocating pluralism, diversity and ethnic equality means that the extermination of the European culture of white people. This is their fear and this fear is unfounded.

Are you kidding?! I love King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable and Charlemagne, Socrates, Nietzsche, and Cantor. It is a shame that this beautiful culture and other European cultures have been given unequal limelight to other noted cultures worldwide, however.

So let’s make this very clear: this is incorrect for white nationalists who feel that others want to eradicate their culture.

We need to explore the various points that liberals desire: …

  • We want science!

Yes, if we want facts, then we want them to be evidence-based facts, not fiction, to be taken as facts. If anthropological and genetic research places the origin of humanity in Africa, then so be it! If there is other evidence that advances that understanding, then let’s see it. Let’s evaluate it! I do not think science can explain everything in the universe, but I like how it moves us towards vetted peer-reviewed information continuously re-examining to see if what is known can stand the test of time or it must be abandoned in favor of new results.
The critical reason is paramount even when we are examining the supernational. That being said, the meaning of life, love, beauty, perhaps science can not offer answers, but our human imaginations and intuitions may be able to. Still, religious superstitions are not how I would approach knowing the universe, and while I can not tell what others should believe, I respect what you believe as long as it is not pushed as scientific fact.

  • We want liberty!

To say you want an all-ethnic white nation while getting rid of all non-white citizenry is not American, and, yes, it is National socialism which is, again, not American. So, what you are saying to me is that you cannot stand a pluralist society, well then that means you are not American pure and simple and don’t for one minute believe that you are American.

The highest form of hypocrisy I can imagine are first arrivals on the shores of America who fled from Europe to pursue their personal way of life, then insist that their way of life is the American way of life. I am sorry. I can only take so much hypocrisy.

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I am writing a blog responding to this. An Establishment Conservative's Guide To The Alt-Right

Should be coming out soon.

At the time, there was a lot more room to create your own tribe. You could know your farmers and merchants and the government grew out of that. Check out Harmony, IN to see how people kept trying to do this into the 19th century. The fact that none of them has succeeded is not really the point.

In today’s global economy, it looks silly. You can’t be isolated. But, back then, they still felt they could. The colonies transitioned into State constitutions and getting all of them to agree on a Republic was not easy. But, I wouldn’t call it hypocrisy to escape a monarchy and build a society the way you think it should be. When they did that, there was no concept of an “American way of life”.

For the record that was sharing Dr. Damma writing, while I can appreciate the sentiment, my take would be slightly different though.

Oh that Harmony, and I hear there were a lot of those experiments going on back in those days.

Yeah, oops on the quote feature.

My main point is that the first settlers would not have been thinking about forming a union of states. That’s alt-Right thinking. They will take any random quote from 200 years of forming the country and use it as if it’s the central plan. They’ll say “God” is in the Declaration of Independence, and that’s a foundational document, so all documents after that depend on that reference to God.

Bogus, of course.

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Excellent observation!

Well you can probably go straight to the “horses mouth”…Read “The Universe in a Single Atom” - The Convergence of Science and Spirituality by the Dalai Lama himself. He discusses exactly what you’re asking about. Very straightforward and candid. If only other religious leaders were so honest, humble, and loving of peace.

I am curious if you read my article in the science and technology forum. tilted: A possible advancement for the scientific practice.( I think that is what I called it.)

I like to go to the 2 star reviews on Amazon for books like the one you mention. There is a lengthy, but helpful one.

well said. same here