Hello all - I'm Susan Gerbic

I don’t think I knew that CFI had a forum

I’ve been around the skeptical community for years

Personally I’m not that interesting, if you want to know more you can give me a Google.

I’m just checking out the joint - seems like I don’t recognize names here. Is it a “thing” to not use your real name on a forum? I seem to remember back in the old JREF Forum days most people used a pseudonym, I think because it was fun and because we were either interested in argueing with people and didn’t want people to know who we were if we got snappy. And also because for most of us, talking about some of these subjects was uncomfortable and we were worried someone would recognize us.

Obviously, I’m not too worried.


CFI forums have been around for years. At least 10 years.

Most don’t use their real names. Not because we want to argue and insult others, it’s just the way I always thought of the internet- no one uses their real name anywhere. However, I do go by Mriana off the the forum, so I’m an exception.

Welcome Susan.

I use a pseudonym to protect my life and my family, not to wrong anyone.

I have been using this pseudonym, with slight variations needed to respect the forum rules or to prevent a double, for 30 years roughly.

Hello and welcome, love the chicken costume ;D.

I guess it’s hard to see as the image is so small. But it’s a turkey
Turkey Head 2018

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Hi Suze
I noticed the forums a few weeks ago - but didn’t follow up until you mentioned it. One complication was that CFI/Skeptical Inquirer/CFIIG all have separate web pages - and I’m not sure if the log in information carries over between them. This one, as a matter of fact, tried to get me to log in to Word Press. Sheesh.


Welcome wendy,

On the main CFI home page, goto menu and select “Forums”.
That’ll get you here.
After that, you can copy and paste this addy as a shortcut


With a little reflection pseudonyms can give you a good first impression of the wearer’s mindset.

Selection of a pseudonym is often an expression of subconscious interest.

I’m a moderator, but not the best at help with navigation. I get CFI emails/newsletters and stuff, but I’m not sure how that all got hooked up. I wish the chapters would look more to the forum, or that members would use it to discuss articles and other happenings.

As for finding it, forum.centerforinquiry.org always leads me back

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Wendy a3d that’s a weird name. Did they assign it or does it mean something?

I’ll answer you privately. I should try to change it.

I believe it is a Word Press forum or connected to it somehow.

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Admin can change names if you can’t

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